Leonid Savin Published: 21-Aug.-2014 in topic Resources region: Arctic
In the Arctic, many states developed its own strategy. Some of them work in an alliance such as NATO members - Norway, Canada and the United States, they coordinate their activities in respect of the region. And in these states have recently adopted a number of documents - from the doctrines to the action plan referred to in these countries "road map".
Joris Wagemakers Published: 08-Aug.-2014 in topic Ethnopolitic region: Europe
A global historical perspective on the formation and evolution of a ‘resistance identity’
Igor Nikitin Published: 24-Jul.-2014 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Europe
People of Donbass look into the responsibility of high-ranking Ukrainian officials for authorizing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Donbass in the context of the so-called `anti – terrorist operation’ launched by Ukrainian interim government on 15 April, 2014
Kevork Almassian Published: 14-Jul.-2014 in topic Strategy region: Near East
A region like the Middle East characterized by constant instability and continuous conflicts brings new opportunities for influence between rival nations. Turkey is an important regional power looking for a greater role beside Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran
Vanina Soledad Fattori Published: 03-Jul.-2014 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Asia
With the Vietnam-China frictions, geopolitics in Southeast Asia marks a dynamic of uncertainties, since it is not the only focus of dispute that has today this delicate regional balance
Felix Alemán Published: 23-Jun.-2014 in topic Ethnopolitic region: Caucasus
Chechen separatism and Chechen wars are part of the process of anti-Eurasian  dissolution developed by Atlanticist strategists in the post- Soviet period
Stevan Gajic Published: 18-Jun.-2014 in topic Interview region: Europe
Stevan Gajic from the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade Serbia commented on these issues and more.  
Leonid Savin Published: 11-Jun.-2014 in topic Ethnopolitic region: Russia
Emergence of the new political subject
Alicia Jrapko Published: 03-Jun.-2014 in topic Atlanticism region: USA
The case of the Cuban 5, more than any other case, exposes the double standard and contradictions of the United States so called “War on Terror”
Andrea Fais Published: 23-May.-2014 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
During the Cold War, Italy was for sure the most unstable and stormy country in the West: a formal democracy characterized by frequent political crisis, violence, social fear, and manipulation of the media. After the end of the Cold War, Italy remained a “special observed” nation.

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Alexandra Shapovalova Restructuring the World by Normative Means: Challenges and Opportunities for Russia

Russia will not gain much from simply criticizing Western norms or creating a set of technical rules relevant for restricted Eurasian space. Delimiting mental and cultural distinctions from the West makes sense only with subsequent formulation of an own universal message and worldview upheld with perceptible improvement of socioeconomic situation in own society.

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