John Kaminski Published: 04-Sep.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Near East
Israeli-American aggression responsible for the refugee invasion of Europe
C. J. Borsella Published: 25-Aug.-2015 in topic Eurasia region: Russia
We Eurasianists consider liberal unipolar Globalization to be the absolute worst evil and the greatest existential threat to every living person on the planet simply because the hyper-genocidal processes of Globalization deprive entire nations, peoples, and cultures of their inherent right to pursue their own traditional and unique ways of life independent of American control
Rajeev Ahmed Published: 20-Aug.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Near East
This war, without solving the sectarian crisis, without the pacification between Syrian and Turkish governments, without showing friendly gestures by the neighboring countries towards the Iraqi and Syrian governments, without thinking of rehabilitation for the affected people psychologically and physically during the war, without the wise collective strategy of the stakeholders for Iraq, Syria and the Middle East on this grave issue can lead the Middle East only into a long-lasting chaos
Jamal Wakim Published: 18-Aug.-2015 in topic Science and Education region: USA
Theoretical foundations of American Geopolitical Strategy in the World
Roberto Quaglia Published: 11-Aug.-2015 in topic Multipolarity region: USA
There is and there will never be a truly multipolar world without a truly multipolar range of point of views on the stage
Kerry Bolton Published: 05-Aug.-2015 in topic Economics region: Pacific region
Ideas for political and economical reorganization  
Leonid Savin Published: 03-Aug.-2015 in topic Strategy region: Pacific region
Background of the current conflict in Pacific area
Stevan Gajic Published: 30-Jul.-2015 in topic Strategy region: Europe
Besides geopolitical or emotional motives, Russia has a legal obligation to protect the Dayton peace agreement which was heavily violated by the Office of High Representative (OHR) in the last 20 years, - Serbian analyst notes.
Pepe Escobar Published: 15-Jul.-2015 in topic Eurasia region:
Now mix the New Silk Road(s) strategy with accelerated cooperation within the BRICS; accelerated cooperation among the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in security, military, economic, and cultural terms; accelerated developing world cooperation inside the G-20 and the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM); and no wonder, across the Global South, there’s the perception the world is defecting to the East
Brian E. Muhammad Published: 03-Jul.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: USA
Reflections on murders in U.S.
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