Manuel Ochsenreiter Published: 21-May.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Near East
The "Islamic State" is nothing else than the militant wing of Western liberalism.
Mirka Velinovska, Milenko Nedelkovski Published: 28-Apr.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
History of neoliberal manipulations in Balkans
Leonid Savin Published: 17-Apr.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
A senior Ukrainian journalist has been shot dead in Kiev, one day after a former lawmaker was found dead in the Ukrainian capital
Giorgio Agamben Published: 16-Apr.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Europe
Originally published in Le Monde on January 10th, 2004.
Manuel Ochsenreiter Published: 24-Mar.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
“Blockupy” is nothing more than the assault force of the “Open Society” following the pattern of George Soros and Gene Sharp, and thus, not really an opponent of globalization.
Eric Walberg Published: 16-Mar.-2015 in topic Economics region: Europe
Slaying the Euro monitaur is not easy. Greeks have been suffering for years now, having learned the hard way that prosperity with shiny euros in their hands was not miraculously just waiting around the corner. What was waiting was a hoard of German bankers, eager to buy up Greek islands for winter vacations, sleazy banks eager to syphon Greek earnings into offshore accounts, and more schemes by high financiers.
Leonid Savin Published: 23-Feb.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Europe
One year after coup d’etat
SYRIZA Published: 03-Feb.-2015 in topic Strategy region: Europe
Here is the official program of the Greek coalition of the radical left, SYRIZA  
Anatoly Karlin Published: 27-Jan.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
Title got your attention? No, it’s not going to be… that. Read on.
Stevan Gajic Published: 17-Jan.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Europe
 Contemporary Lessons from the 1938 Munich Conference
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