Kevork Almassian Published: 14-Jul.-2014 in topic Strategy region: Near East
A region like the Middle East characterized by constant instability and continuous conflicts brings new opportunities for influence between rival nations. Turkey is an important regional power looking for a greater role beside Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran
Vanina Soledad Fattori Published: 03-Jul.-2014 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Asia
With the Vietnam-China frictions, geopolitics in Southeast Asia marks a dynamic of uncertainties, since it is not the only focus of dispute that has today this delicate regional balance
Felix Alemán Published: 23-Jun.-2014 in topic Ethnopolitic region: Caucasus
Chechen separatism and Chechen wars are part of the process of anti-Eurasian  dissolution developed by Atlanticist strategists in the post- Soviet period
Stevan Gajic Published: 18-Jun.-2014 in topic Interview region: Europe
Stevan Gajic from the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade Serbia commented on these issues and more.  
Leonid Savin Published: 11-Jun.-2014 in topic Ethnopolitic region: Russia
Emergence of the new political subject
Alicia Jrapko Published: 03-Jun.-2014 in topic Atlanticism region: USA
The case of the Cuban 5, more than any other case, exposes the double standard and contradictions of the United States so called “War on Terror”
Andrea Fais Published: 23-May.-2014 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
During the Cold War, Italy was for sure the most unstable and stormy country in the West: a formal democracy characterized by frequent political crisis, violence, social fear, and manipulation of the media. After the end of the Cold War, Italy remained a “special observed” nation.
Seyyedeh Motahhareh Hosseini , Asghar Shokri Moqaddam Published: 05-May.-2014 in topic Eurasia region:
The Eurasian region has been gaining in importance due to a variety of reasons. These reasons can be divided into the three main categories of economics, military – security (including strategic and geopolitical), and the international environment
Bruno De Cordier Published: 26-Apr.-2014 in topic Science and Education region: Russia
Professor Bruno De Cordier from the Department of Conflict and Development Studies of Gent University examines the perception and realities behind an aspired ‘great space’.
Leonid Savin Published: 23-Apr.-2014 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Europe
In general, we can see a number of factors which help to describe what is happening in Ukraine. 
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