Leonid Savin Published: 30-Nov.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Near East
merican political analysts over the years have created quite a few labels for other countries: a pariah state, an outlaw state, a narco state, a rogue state, and a failed state. It's time to add a new term to this list: a "scoundrel state".
Sayyid Ali Khamenei Published: 29-Nov.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Near East, Europe
The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have once again, moved me to speak to you young people. In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Rajeev Ahmed Published: 25-Nov.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Near East
By downing a Russian jet in Syrian airspace, the US bloc exhibits a clear provocation of war.
Alexander Dugin Published: 16-Nov.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Europe
Such terroristic acts as that of Paris 13.11 show  clearly and unmistakably that the West we knew doesn’t exist any longer.
Published: 14-Nov.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Europe
Can refugees be a specific type of weapon, can this weapon only be used in wartime or in peacetime as well, and just how successful can its exploitation be?
Johann Gudenus Published: 27-Oct.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Europe
The powers-that-be in Europe must finally realise that the important axis required by Europe is not Brussels-Washington but Paris-Berlin-Moscow.
Stevan Gajic Published: 13-Oct.-2015 in topic Ideology region: Russia
The US can also give their counter-alternative to this Eurasianism in the future, but only if they consolidate over the course of several decades and Eurasianism exhausts its opportunities. 
C. Pisarenko Published: 12-Oct.-2015 in topic Strategy region: Europe
The chief problem with the liberal interpretation of the past quarter century of German history is that it comes from a totally non-traditional source – meaning a source which is non-Germanic, non-Prussian-Socialist, non-hierarchical, non-telluric (non-continental), hence non-German.
Leonid Savin Published: 06-Oct.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Latin America
For now Washington continues to be the invader, clear evidence to that is the example of Guantanamo 
Jukka Davidsson Published: 01-Oct.-2015 in topic Atlanticism region: Europe
The impact of corruptive neoliberalism on decision making process in politics
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