The USA’s Imposition of Asymmetric Warfare against the EU

“The situation is very complex, Europe is needed on many battlefields like the Ukrainian crisis, Islamic terrorism, Iran’s nuclear negotiations, Libya...” His attitude became even more rigid saying: “Mediterranean borders are in flames, there is a war in Ukraine, and here we are discussing how many channels Greek public television has to have?” Mr. Renzi, intentionally or not, correctly pointed out the many “fires” blazing on EU territory, which EU leaders have been trying to extinguish in continuous actions.

But, did the EU by itself provoke a war in Ukraine? Did the EU create the ISIL terrorists who are spreading terrorism and uncertainty even within its own borders? Did the EU act alone in introducing economic sanctions against Russia? Is the EU willingly giving more and more money to Greece? Did the EU contribute to having thousands of refugees on its territory? The EU is not the root of all these problems. Yet why do they all occur, one after another, inside the territory of the European Union? It is because the “big transatlantic brother” plays the role of a global “pyromaniac,” inciting one political-economic-military conflagration after another. And one of the important consequences of such destructive action is keeping the European Union and its leadership in constant obedience and outright subordination.
As for the EU, it performs the role of a small fireman trying to keep peace within its borders. Meanwhile the USA is conducting asymmetrical warfare against the EU on five different layers simultaneously, thus creating the following threats: 1) the threat of terrorist attacks by ISIL within the EU, 2) the threat of growing economic problems for the EU’s largest countries because of the economic sanctions against Russia, 3) the threat of further destabilization within the EU as a result of the Ukrainian war, 4) the threat of the refugee crisis and the big social, economic and demographic dangers which come with it, 5) the Greek debt threat for the stability and integrity of the EU. These are the major asymmetric threats, which the EU is facing with severe intensity especially in the last two years. All these threats are products labeled: “made in USA”.

Washington is pursuing these tactics to keep the EU weak, as an irrelevant international subject, while NATO is deploying troops around Russian borders in order to fulfill the USA’s ultimate geopolitical goal – to perform another one of its famous revolutions, i.e. one of its many “flowered,” “colored,” or “velvet” revolutions against Russia. This is all part of the newest American concept of “endless war” in order to achieve the final goal of enslaving the whole world under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” and “introducing democracy.” The only new things are the “imaginative” names of the so-called doctrines or strategies. If it used to be called “creative chaos,” it is now called “endless war” – different names for the same aim.

And so, the reason for the above mentioned threats is the foreign policy agenda of the EU’s “big brother,” i.e. the USA’s intention to impose the Anglo-American worldview, implemented mainly through the mechanism of its foreign political and intelligence assets. Nevertheless, that agenda is obviously in serious trouble with the continued spreading of chaos, organized pressure and terrorism in different places around the globe. Washington used to describe its concept as “creative chaos,” but the everyday killing of thousands of human beings has nothing to do with creativity – instead it is a total diabolical mess.

After the 2010 “Arab spring” started in Tunisia, and then rapidly continued in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Oman etc., the evidence has shown that traces of American funding and instigation are all over the “flower revolutions.” But the so-called “democratic changes” did not take root in Syria. The takeover of Syria did not succeed and that was a big failure for the completion of the Arab Spring revolution. And it was followed by another American failure – the case of Edward Snowden. Although Snowden discovered what was already well known (that everything in the world is under the illegal surveillance of the American secret service), his leaked information nevertheless gave the impression that the USA had lost a major battle in its ongoing geopolitical war with Russia. At the same time, during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the entire world witnessed the real glory of the opening ceremony, full of light and symbols, celebrating the joy of life in Russia and that nation’s rich culture and timeless tradition.

This seemed to be the “last straw” because exactly during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi the meltdown in Kiev exploded (in February 2014). Actually, the prior foreign policy agenda of the American president Barack Obama was a complete disaster and there was an urgent need of something to heal the American frustration. For that purpose, Ukraine was inflamed by a foreign organized putsch against the legally elected government. This turned out to be an even bigger disappointment for the USA – one more failure. Indeed, the final result of that fascistic coup was Crimea’s democratic exit out of Ukraine and the former’s incorporation into Russia based upon the people’s voice, i.e. popular referendum.

Now, the European Union has an ongoing war in Ukraine followed by the disastrous repercussions of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the USA (and the EU), where the main economic victim is the EU itself, particularly Germany. The Anglo-American analysts and politicians are still in a state of utter shock wondering how Russian President Vladimir Putin dared to “take” Crimea, but without any evidence that can confirm Russian involvement contrary to international law. Even more, Vladimir Putin was seated in Sochi, watching the closure of the perfectly organized Winter Olympic Games during the Maidan revolution. For months Western observers and politicians could not understand how Putin had the courage to refuse to obey U.S. policy. This is because their arrogant mental matrices are used to comprehending the motives of all the fearful, submissive leaders within the EU and those of the so-called “banana republics.” It took them three months to come to terms with reality before resuming their politics of “messy chaos” around the globe. Something bombastic was needed in order to distract the attention from the many obvious defeats of the Anglo-American policy.

For that purpose, in June 2014, ISIS suddenly came out of nowhere on the front pages of newspapers all around the world. It was reported that, all of a sudden, approximately 800 hundred militants created an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, even though ISIS existed in Iraq as a small extremist group two years before it was reported in the mainstream media. Of course ISIS appeared thanks to its regional “sponsors” guided by “big brother.” What we have now is a European Union which is endangered by ISIS – an ISIS which already started a war with the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. What is more, ISIS has produced an uncontrollable Muslim refugee influx into the countries of the EU as a result of its terrorist actions in the Middle East; needless to say, this greatly threatens the overall stability of the EU. For sure, the EU is not the main target of ISIL militancy; it is only a useful form of collateral damage for the big organizers of the game.

The U.S.-backed analysts explained the nature of ISIL, whence it came, who financed them, how prepared they are, etc. However, no single Western “expert” has come forward to clarify why ISIL appeared in the first place. It was, first, in order to refocus public attention to the new “horrific” Islamist organization and to take attention away from the unsuccessful and negative American foreign policy. Secondly, the more important goal was Syria – to finish the unfinished work there, i.e. to topple the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. After only two months, ISIS became very “strong” (thanks also to the reality created by the mainstream media reports) – strong enough to be positioned from both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border. Then the USA began its bombing of Syria in August 2014 under the excuse of destroying ISIS locations, yet without going before the UN Security Council (although there were some signs that Syria gave a kind of voiceless consent). While American drones were bombing, ISIL began performing atrocities in Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. Obviously, ISIL’s appearance was a planned move to open the door to American bombing on Syrian territory. NATO and the USA tried it once before with drones but direct intervention was never approved by the UN due to the disagreement of Russia and China. The Third goal was to intensify the nuclear negotiations with Iran, and not to oppose Iranian aid to the Syrian and Iraqi Shiite government. Also, for the American geopolitical strategy in Eurasia, it was very important to make a small hole in the strong triple alliance between Russia, China and Iran. The nuclear deal with Iran was achieved recently, and American efforts to remove Assad from power will continue, probably, with NATO-backed Turkish involvement. So, clearly, ISIL has been used for the further destabilization and partition of the Middle Eastern region.

All this provokes additional serious problems for EU security and economic stability. The EU has been kept under permanent stress and functional disorder. Only three weeks after the Charlie Hebdo murder (last January) a new disturbance occurred with the victory of Syriza in the Greek elections. It spelled new trouble for the EU and, after all, it is clear that Greek uncertainty favored Washington’s politics of permanent destabilization for the EU. The newly elected Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, played into Washington’s plan by resolving the debt crisis with EU. Let us not forget also the “smaller fires” in the Balkans, particularly in Serbia, Republika Srpska or the attempt to repeat the Maidan scenario in the Republic of Macedonia. Brussels had to act as well, in order to prevent complete destabilization of these countries and the Balkan region as a whole.

While the European Union continues to be preoccupied with the Ukrainian war, sanctions against Russia, ISIL attacks, Muslim refugees, the Greek debt crisis, etc., Washington is not giving any official statements. These problems do not really affect the USA. And so, quite brazenly, the USA has considered the option of delivering more weapons to Ukraine while it criticizes the EU for its “inhuman behavior” towards refugees. Barack Obama did not join the protests organized by the French president Francois Holland after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Although it is well known that some American financial institutions contributed to the Greek debt crisis, there was no mention in the mainstream press – only “wise” Obama’s advice that the EU must keep Greece in the Eurozone. Furthermore, even if it appeared that some EU leader is hesitant toward the implementation of sanctions against Russia (or is not fulfilling the Anglo-American agenda against Russia and against Putin personally), then a “friendly” slap would follow – as was the case with the Charlie Hebdo terrorist murder or that strange German airplane crash. Non-compliant EU leaders like Hollande, who met Putin last December while the West was trying to excommunicate the Russian leader, or the German chancellor Angela Merkel who tried her best to ensure EU stability, were swiftly upbraided by Washington.

The final result of this geopolitical palimpsest picture is usually total obedience and subordination of a country’s political leadership to the economic-military-geostrategic superiority of the USA. Certainly, this comes as no real surprise, but, up until fairly recently, U.S. policy has not been so flagrantly aggressive against the interests of the European Union, its alleged “ally” and partner. Consequently, the EU has morphed into the role of a ridiculously subservient political lackey serving exclusively Anglo-American interests at all costs. Of course many EU leaders cannot believe the reality of the status quo. They are aghast that their American “brother” is conducting asymmetric warfare inside their countries in order to have a successful proxy war with Russia. Was this the reason behind the EU’s creation in the first place? Is this the role the EU is supposed to play in the world, instead of acting in accordance with its own important culture and traditional values?

Obviously, the goal of the USA is to have a weak European Union which is obedient to Anglo-American geopolitical needs – an EU which is useful for the USA’s imperialistic conduct, especially in the latter’s continued targeting of Russia. The future of mankind cannot proceed in this insane direction – a direction which only serves the interests of the American ruling class. That is why the EU must act in order to disable these ominous plots and to contribute to the positive cooperation among the nations and peoples of this world without hegemonic domination.