Russian cruise missiles did away with the US domination in Europe

More people should understand exactly that on 7 October, almost on our eyes, the funeral took place of the entire system of missile defense (anti-missile defense). You can check with Google and any special sources.

Project 11661 frigate ("Cheetah" in NATO classification). Armament: "As an anti-weapons on the ships of the projects 11660 and 11661 were provided with two twin 533 mm." And - everything, no other devices to launch cruise missiles "Calibre" on this ship! Why is there only torpedo tubes 533. On patrol 11661 are 2 double-tube devices.
Now attention. These "devices" in service appeared in ... 1948, then modernized: they made the block, they may not only double, but the quad and even five joined together. Who are these people, who were able to "push" these missiles in these old torpedo?! They deserve any awards, titles and busts at home! Torpedo tubes 533 can stand on everything! On submarines class 636 (modernized "Warszawianka") on patrol, and even admitted to the Caspian flotilla of small missile boats 21631 "Buyan-M." And this is all, "toddler" with a displacement of 950 tons of river-sea class. He shoots and went to the Volga, to hide in the reeds.

In other words, on the deck of "sticks" old rusty torpedo tube, which a hundred years in the afternoon. What lies beneath the deck any satellite doesn’t see. "Calibre" does not fall under any agreement on missile limitations: it is not a strategic missile, the missile is not land-based. INF Treaty on the Limitation of the USSR-USA 1987 deals specifically with land-based missiles with a range greater than 500 kilometers. "Calibre" shoots past the contract. "Caliber" of the torpedo tube 533 can be started from the Caspian Sea, Sevastopol, Kronstadt. Maximum range - 3000 km, but it is in a straight line and at the same height, and the working range - 2600.

Take the dividers, put in Sevastopol, then in Kronstadt. Opened the whole of Europe with all the missile, which is powerless against cruise missiles. Serving all the bases of the 6th Fleet. From the Caspian Sea you can shoot at Warsaw, in Kabul, Baghdad, Rome, Pakistan, Israel. And despite the fact that neither is on the Black Sea, nor, especially, the United States in the Caspian Sea cannot deploy any forces to counter this unexpected new "Russian threat"! On the Black Sea, this prevents the Montreux Convention of 1936, and as of the Caspian Sea - September 29, 2014 the world media reported "Caspian Summit", which was attended by heads of the five Caspian littoral states: Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

The participants of the summit agreed on a political declaration in which for the first time recorded a unanimous agreement on the future status of the Caspian Sea. "Aliens", states hostile to Russia in this list is not there. Kronstadt, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Igarka, Dudinka - here's the place for leg of a dividers, draw a circle can each. I repeat to see that it will depart from 533 mm torpedo tube no satellite cannot, ballistic trajectory of the "Calibre" is simply not because missile defense is not looking. Torpedo tubes are on the ships, conducting exercises in different seas and oceans.

ISIS positions become excellent testing ground for "Caliber" in combat. I do not know which of the naval chiefs here so decided to celebrate birthday of Warlord, but I suggest to remember the day October 7, 2015 as the day of the death of BMD. The day when Russia won an absolute defense to date against any attack on its territory. The day when the insomnia is not only the fanatics of ISIS, but it seems to me, the entire leadership of NATO