Donald Trump may run as an independent

The  American billionaire and media tycoon makes headlines all over the world. His harsh criticism of the American establishment and its foreign and domestic policies gives him support from whole cross sections of the disaffected American population. His pre-electoral success shows that rising numbers of people in the US are generally dissatisfied with the country's political system and want to see it destroyed, not fixed.

Trump’s independent stance

Potentially the Republican nominee for the presidency, Donald Trump declared that there is still a possibility for him to run as an independent candidate.  The reason is that there is hard resistance within Republican Party, and because of his radical views and statements so far. In fact the main problem for the GOP establishment is that they cannot control Trump. He is completely independent from the Party’s sponsors and lobby groups, due to his massive wealth and  being strong willed. Trump as a Republican nominee is a nightmare for lobbyists, as they would have to find new ways to influence American policy.  As previously Trump said to Republican Jewish coalition, “you are not going to support him because I don’t want your money.

The base of his support

Despite Trump's radical comments to ban Muslims from entering the country, to build a great wall between the US and Mexico, to find common ground with Russia’s Vladimir Putin etc., his support from  Americans is only growing. His statements cut against the mainstream American ideology of political correctness and democratic values, and this is likely why Americans back him. The main source of his strength is the weakness of all mainstream candidates and the system which they represent. They are dissatisfied with the system and perceive him as an independent candidate that can break it.

Trump fills the role of a strong and independent leader, filled with a virility that can go beyond the boundaries. To save the country in crisis, such a person is needed who can turn to unconventional models of thinking. Instinctively, ordinary Americans understand that. He is a mixture of a father-figure for the nation together with a celebrity icon, which is perfect for America. Trump’s base of support is portrayed by mainstream media as a bigoted and filled with all kinds of racial, sexual and religious prejudice, shows that the main opponent to the global liberal project of the American elites is American society itself, where many people sympathize with patriarchy, masculinity, and a strong national identity based in its Anglo and Protestant roots.

Unresolved problems

The current American political system is not solving the most pressing problems of the country. Huge debt, mass-immigration that changes the face and way of life in the US, fear of terror, suppression of constitutional rights ( like the second Amendment), irresponsible foreign policy, control of big corporations and foreign lobbyers over Federal Government. All the recipes of previous Republican and Democrat Presidents have shown that their way of thinking doesn't work. Both rivaling parties are bent on the same liberal ideology, and their main disagreement is likely to be to for support of LGBT communities or Israel and oil lobbyists, or perhaps all of these. Trump proposes a new unbiased approach to restoring the tradition of long forgotten American populism, which was a feature of American political life before the 1930's. 


Trump as a presidential nominee, breaks the elites consensus on American foreign policy, the consensus between CFR globalists and the neoconservative hawks. It is why the will try to kick him out of the presidential race. All of the methods, including electoral fraud in primaries, is possible. If he is booted from the Republican race, he can become the first independent candidate with a big chance to win the elections or take second place. As Washington Post reported "longtime power brokers" reportedly urged the Republican Party to prepare for a floor fight to nominate a more acceptable alternative.