Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva accused of corruption


The case has been opened by Brazilian prosecutors.

The scandal with Petrobras company

In addition to Lula da Silva, his wife and six other persons are target by the case. The main charges are dubious schemes in the state-owned Petrobras company and accepting a bribe of $747,800 from the OAS construction company in exchange for a favor from the state.

Lula da Silva himself has denied the charges.

Purging the Workers' Party

Following the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, repression against her predecessor and those close to her appears to be a systemic attack against the core of the Workers’ Party. In addition, the opening of a criminal case against Lula suggests that he will not be able to run for president of the country in 2018. Given his charisma and connections with other states’ high-level politicians, a Lula presidency would be acceptable not only for the Workers’ Party, but also for many Brazilians.

However, in order to not give him the chance to be elected, the liberal globalists have provoked opening new criminal cases.