Hillary is on the warpath


The National Convention of the US Democratic Party has closed in Philadelphia, and Hillary Clinton has formally expressed her acceptance to be the Democratic Party candidate in the presidential election.

Emotional Calculation

In her pre-election speech, Clinton slammed the personal and professional qualities of her rival, Donald Trump. However, as was previously the case, she did not want answer some essential questions that he raises. These include his opposition to so-called 'free trade' policies, which forces business to move their production abroad, anti-interventionist foreign policy, a priority on resolving internal problems rather than an active policy of intervention in the affairs of other countries - those aspects of the Trump program Clinton did not even try to touch. Instead she levied against Trump that his company is following the rules set by her husband and Obama, and transferred part of his industries abroad.

Instead, the essential point of Hillary Clinton's anti-Trump criticism is built on a combination of personal tearful stories, cynical statements in support of the working class, emotional appeals to themes in American history (the founding fathers, war for independence, the Cuban missile crisis). In regard to  foreign policy Clinton promised to keep the pressure on Russia, which she considers to be a threat.

The American dilemma

The end of both parties' national conventions marks the beginning of the official nomination race between candidates from the Republicans and Democrats. For the first time in a long time, America has the opportunity to change its destiny through the anti-interventionism of Trump, which means a chance for the US and rest of the world. Or, it might continue down the path of the liberal globalism of Clinton, that means war against the rest of the world, which is tired of American hegemony.