The Last battle: Why Trump once again won the presidential debates


The final round of the US presidential candidates’ debate finished in Las Vegas. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton once again outlined their positions on major issues. The fact that major US media have not been able to openly name Clinton the winner says only one thing: she looked obviously weaker than the Republican candidate.

True America is against the globalist elite

Donald Trump's personality is of fundamental importance for the United States and the world. For the first time in a very long period, the presidential candidate is a person who actually expresses the opinion of the majority of the population, and not the opinion of the global financial elite. Trump is the candidate of real America, while Clinton only represents the interests of the current neoliberal elites who use the United States as a means to achieve their goals on the global stage.

Mudslinging battle

Once again, both candidates reminded each other of all of their mistakes and errors that have been revealed during the election campaign. But the only thing that Hillary Clinton's headquarters could find is an 11-year-old recording which shows that Mr. Trump once allowed himself to make some vulgar remarks about women, and information that his company legally avoided paying taxes. These facts are nothing in comparison to Clinton's background. The use of a personal e-mail server for working with classified information; conspiring against Bernie Sanders; connections with ISIS; pressure and manipulation against major US media; and a hypocritical attitude towards Russia - these are only the most well-known facts that have already been proven.

The Putin factor

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Moscow factor once again played an important role during the debate. Clinton accused Trump of unproven ties to the Russian elites, and the Republican candidate openly and honestly declared that Vladimir Putin does not respect neither Obama nor Clinton. Trump said that only he will be able to build a relationship with Russia on the basis of mutual respect.

Life and death

Another significant point was the candidates’ attitude on the subject of abortion. Hillary Clinton seeks at all costs to promote the idea of infanticide in American society, including murder at the latest stages of pregnancy. She wants to make this process as accessible as possible. Trump stands to a conservative Christian position and promises to refer this matter to the jurisdiction of the states, most of which are against the promotion of abortion. He also promised to appoint justices with the same views.