Masks Off: Who is Fighting Who in Syria


The Chairman of the Syrian National Council, Khadija Abbas, has reported that Damascus has new evidence that the US Army’s attack on Syrian troops in Deir al-Zor was not a mistake.

Wiretapping the US

Khadija Abbas said that the Syrian leadership has received information from a wiretapping conducted by the Syrian military against ISIS. A commander of the US Army was involved in a conversation with terrorists, telling them to attack after the air strike.

"The Syrian army bugged talks between the Americans and ISIS before the raid on Deir ez-Zor ... American forces sent ISIS to attack the positions of Syrian troops after these strikes," - she said, speaking during a visit to Tehran.

"Honest" confession

In addition, the media has reported how else the US and its coalition partners are helping the terrorists. In an interview with the German press, a field commander of  "Jabhat Fatsh al-Sham", formerly called "Jabhat al-Nusra”, said interesting details.

According to him, the US directly supplies weapons to terrorists in addition to drugs, medicines, and sending its military experts to provide advice.

All this is done without hiding too much from the "international community", which is either the UN, which is turning a blind eye to US war crimes, or members of the coalition who are also supporting the terrorists. The warlord interviewed named Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, and Turkey among these countries.

Turkey has already been the victim of wiretapping, the authenticity of which has been recognized by the Turkish side. A year ago, information acquired through this proved the existence of cooperation between the Turkish military command and ISIS. But then the generals involved with both ISIS and NATO were dismissed from the armed forces in connection with the Gülen case.

The impossibility of a joint operation

All this once again explains why any attempts to reach agreements with the United States on Syria will fail. This is not the first time that Russia has demanded to single out the “moderate opposition,” which actually does not exist in Syria, from conventional terrorist organizations in order to launch a joint US operation against them.

However, Russia is not the only one who sees it this way. The new commander of the US group in Syria and Iraq, Steven Townsend, during his appointment said bluntly that he does not see Damascus or Moscow as allies. Moreover, he has even threatened Russia with war "if US Special Forces will be in danger." If this vague wording is not enough, then it was said after the first attempted attack on Syrian troops in the province of Hasakah where two Syrian aircraft trying to beat off Kurdish forces from Hasakah were met with American fighters.

And during the last meeting of commanders, he said bluntly that the United States should declare war on Syria and Russia.


However, the political leadership of the US will not take such a suicidal step. Most likely, they will continue wasting time trying to "fight" against terrorism and distracting the international community from real problems by initiating endless UN meetings, summit and ministerial level meetings, and interviews with the press. Either Russian and Syrian forces will bring peace to the region, or the US awaits a new 9/11 from its ISIS allies.