Migrantophobia: Mogherini tries to negotiate with Eastern Europe


A summit between the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, and the heads of the foreign ministries of 16 countries is scheduled for January 29th in Warsaw. The foreign ministers  attending include the Visegrad Group - the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary - the six Balkan countries that are "seeking EU membership" - Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and breakaway Kosovo - as well as six other European Union countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, and Italy.

The main challenges

Illegal migration, radicalization, and organized crime are going to be discussed among the main topics. The migration crisis has engulfed Europe and become the source of a new type of challenge that threatens the existence of the European Union in general and the most viable states in it.

An interesting choice

Federica Mogherini is going to discuss these issues with the countries who have mostly been opposed to migration. Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and some other Eastern European countries are doing everything possible to limit or even stop the influx of immigrants to their territories from North Africa and the Middle East. The head of European diplomacy is most likely going to put pressure on the foreign ministers of these European countries to change their position on this issue.