Montenegro: a future member of NATO?

On the 1st of December in Brussels, a meeting of NATO’s twenty-eight foreign ministers has taken place. The central theme of the meeting is the question of joining Montenegro to the NATO block.
“Montenegro has come a long way on its path to join the Euro-Atlantic family,” the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said on November 30th. “Extending an invitation to Montenegro to start accession talks would be a historic decision. It would signal our continued commitment to the western Balkans.”
The geopolitical role of the Balkans and Montenegro

Montenegro is an important geopolitical subject. Its separation from Serbia was provoked by the politics of the European Union and US politician Richard Holbrooke (the famous fighter against “Balkan Russians,” as the Serbs call themselves). (for more information – see ).

The question of NATO's cleavage in Montenegro: Djukanovic "For", Montenegrin people "Against"

Montenegro became independent on May 21st of 2006 after a referendum. The results were recognized by the EU and the US. The referendum was not democratic, Milo Djukanivic under pressure from American elites falsified the results, and the US used their power to force other countries to recognize the results of the referendum.  Djukanovic follows US interests and his main aim is to force Montenegro into entering the NATO block. The situation is quite complicated for Montenegro, because the majority of the Montenegrin people are against NATO and do not support Djukanovic’s politics. This complicated situation surrounding the different attitudes in parliament and among Montenegrin people a source of the demonstrations and protests in the country. The protests against Djukanovic and NATO have started to involve more and more participants.

NATO and the attitude of Europe towards it

NATO is starting to have internal problems. European countries, recently struck by terrorist attacks, begin to be more skeptical towards the US's politics in the Middle East. Trying to find the most effective method to wage war against terrorism, Europe stands between the US and Russia. Its position is not still clear. However it is  becoming more skeptical towards the US course.