NATO holds Rumstein Alloy exercises in the Baltics


The air forces of NATO countries will practice flying, surveillance, and control.

Regular exercises

These maneuvers are held three times a year. This time, the emphasis is on French and German planes that are based in Lithuania (Siauliai) and Estonia (Amari). Aircrafts from Lithuania will also be involved.

Silent engagement

It is significant that Sweden and Finland are taking part in the maneuvers even though the two countries are not part of the alliance.

It should be noted that the NATO website contains no information on these maneuvers. The last update in the category of exercises is dated June 20th, but NATO has since carried out a number of events of this nature. This suggests that NATO is covering up information about ongoing maneuvers so that the European public has fewer opportunities to ask questions, including about the participation of Sweden and Finland.

Russian "threat"

In light of the many months of tantrums and NATO (and US) fantasies about a possible occupation of the Baltic states by the Russians, the real purpose of these exercises is quite understandable. NATO air forces are training for the event of a possible conflict with Moscow in the region, and Brussels themselves have chosen this area for the future battlefield.