Polish Sejm acknowledges the Volyn massacre as genocide


The Polish Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, adopted a resolution recognizing the mass murder of Poles in 1943-44 ( the "Volyn Massacre") at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists from the OUN-UPA as genocide. The previous relevant decision has already accepted by the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

The heirs of the murderers

The current Ukrainian regime glorifies militants of UPA and considers itself to be its successor. Bandera, Shukhevych and other nationalists who are responsible for the killing of thousands of Poles, including women and children, are honored as national heroes in today's Ukraine. The Ukrainian government builds actively monuments to these war criminals, and names streets after them . The responsibility for this crime rests on the current Ukrainian leadership as the political and social heirs of these butchers.

American government support the Banderovites

The Polish parliamentary resolution partially complicates relations between the two countries. The president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has said that he regrets that decision by the Poles. However, since both countries are externally managed by the United States, this move has not affected their strategic collaboration against Russia. Poland will be obliged to provide assistance Banderovites, irrespective of the resolution in the Sejm.