Portuguese Socialist Guterres: the right person in the right place


António Guterres, representative of Portugal, elected new UN General secretary during pre-voting.


António Guterres previously served as the leader of the Portuguese Socialists, and since 2005 has head the UN Office for Refugees. It can be concluded that the choice of the UN secretary-general for this person, who is familiar with the issue, is a sign that the international community recognizes the problem of migration as a major crisis, at least for the next five years for which the UN chief is elected.


Despite the fact that Russia supported candidates from countries which are not members of the NATO, António Guterres is quite a good choice for Russia. However, since Portugal is both a NATO and EU member, the new UN Secretary General is bound to face US pressure. However, we must not forget the fact that the headquarters of the United Nations is stationed in New York, and the land where it is located is owned by the Rothschilds; that in fact any head of the UN in any case become a hostage to US interests.

On the other hand, Portugal managed to show itself as a country independent enough from the common EU and US trends.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that Guterres will have to lead the organization in a very difficult period, when the UN desperately needs reform that is recognized even in her home - the United States. Whether the socialist will use this chance and give hope for justice around the world will be clear later. However Portugal has already made clear what it expects from the new head of this individual. So, the former party member, António Guterres, fullfills the saying -  "The right person in the right place."

Election promises

During his speech before the first round of elections, Guterres stressed his experience directly in Portugal, and not the UN. He began his political career as an activist volunteer to help the poor in the slums of Lisbon.

And now he continues to say that the focus of all United Nations programs should be the interests of the most disadvantaged sections of the world's population. In addition, Portugal's candidate stressed that "human rights activities should be non-discriminatory and does not depend on political engagement," alluding to some anti-American and anti-Western orientation inherent in Portugal.

During his first speech Guterres made it clear that he is not very supportive of the methods and style of work of the current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. "UN Secretary-General must build bridges, not lecture," he said, adding that the basis of his policy is preventive diplomacy.


The last formal vote, which takes place in the open forum is scheduled for today at 10 am (time of New York). In its course Guterres must score positive votes from all countries with veto power. Despite the fact that the election was full of scandals and intrigue, especially from Germany, it is not expected that anyone will veto the candidate from Portugal.

Russian representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin, responsible for the procedure, because Russia is now the chairman of the organization, said after the victory of Guterres during the preliminary secret ballot, that "We have decided that tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock we will hold a formal vote, and I hope that the vote will be unanimous."

The new UN Secretary-General will take office in January 2017. After that, the current head Ban Ki-moon, in his own words, will go play golf with US President Barack Obama, who will also be out of office.