Qatar steps up provocations against Russia


The International Union of Muslim Scholars has organized a “day of wrath” for today, September 30th, directed against Russian operations in Syria.


The International Union of Muslim Scholars, with its headquarters in Qatar, brings together activists from 90 countries. Like many dubious organizations, it was founded in London and is funded and therefore controlled by the Gulf monarchies, mainly Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is obvious that its activities are directed against Shiites, and in particular, Iran.

IUMS prove the connection between the secret services of Great Britain and Israel, the MI6 and Mossad respectively.

In the United Arab Emirates, the IUMS was declared a terrorist organization in 2014, probably because of its connection with ISIS in Libya.


The leader of the organization, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, known for his extremely contradictory statements, called on Muslims to arrange protests on September 30th, the anniversary of Russia's military presence in Syria, without specifying exactly how to do so. It should be recalled that before, he issued the famous fatwa against Muammar Gaddafi, but al-Qaradawi has also declared his opposition to any violence.

The same happened this time. In his previous statement, he said that "Russians and Arabs are closer than anyone else", and in an article entitled "The Syrian regime, Russia and its mercenaries burn Aleppo" he spoke entirely differently. However, representatives of the Russian branch of IUMS are trying to distance themselves from this extremism by explaining that the leader still meant something quite different.

However, in addition to invitations to public protests, Yusuf al-Qaradawi has called on all muftis (the number of organizations is about one hundred thousand people around the world) to hold a sermon after Friday with prayers featuring anti-Russian rhetoric.

According to some experts, the organization was established as a platform for joint activities of Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, such sermons in front of an audience can be seen as a real threat. This is especially true following the recognition of the overseas owners of ISIS, when a representative of the US State Department said bluntly that if Russia did not stop supporting the Syrian constitutional government, then it would suffer terror attacks on its own territory and be faced with “body bags.”

Russia’s reaction

This is probably what the Russian Foreign Ministry had in mind when it issued a warning to citizens abroad. It said that this "spiritual" leader’s call could be exploited by extremists: “Extremists may use the proposed event in some countries to stage attacks on Russia and provocations against its citizens.”