The Time has Come: The Final Battle between Trump and Clinton


The US presidential election starts today, November 8th. Traditionally, this event has attracted considerable attention from audiences around the world. But this year, the attention of the media, experts, and ordinary citizens can be called extraordinary.

Historic elections

The reason for this excitement is the personality of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. For the first time in history, a man who does not represent the interests of the financial elite has a real chance of becoming the US president. Trump is the voice of the deep aspirations of traditional, primarily white America. Every year, this large social group is more and more disappointed with the Washington elite.  These people are ready to support a non-system politician who will take up the course of isolationism and restore the former industrial might of the United States.

In turn, Hillary Clinton is the spokeswoman of the interests of big transnational finance capital. Such people do not associate themselves with the United States, but merely use the country as a resource for their own purposes, often contrary to US national interests.

Electoral system

The electoral system in the United States is one of the most confusing and seemingly illogical. Citizens are not involved in the direct election of the president. In fact, they elect electors from each state which then directly elect the country’s leader. Such a system was introduced in order for the elite to have an opportunity to influence the course of elections. In the past, this system was used to prevent the possible victory of independent candidates like Trump. However, the erosion of the US political system has reached such proportions that this rule no longer operates.


It is traditional for exit polls to be published during the elections which can be monitored on many broadcast channels and the Internet. Experts have pointed out that the final results are going to be announced at about 7 a.m. Moscow time the next day (November 9th). At this time, the voting will end on the US West Coast.