The Trump Effect: Pro-Russian candidate wins in Moldova


The pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon has won a convincing victory in presidential elections in Moldova, claiming approximately 55% of votes. His opponent, the only candidate from the right-wing pro-European parties, Maia Sandu, claimed 45% of the vote.


Despite the candidate’s defeat officially confirmed by the Moldovan Central Electoral Commission, Maia Sandu's supporters are going to protest. The start of protests is scheduled for 13:00. This information confirms the analysis previously published by Katehon Analytical Center. However, it is likely that the protests will have a mere symbolic nature and will quickly come to naught.


The elections in Moldova became a vivid illustration of the general process gaining ground and influence in Europe. Due to the weakening of pro-European neo-liberal forces, realist politicians are coming to power in European countries for whom the state’s national interests are a more important value than externally imposed ideology. 

The Trump effect

Many experts associate the rapid strengthening of the realist position in the world with Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election in the United States. It is becoming more difficult for transnational elites to carry out their policy of retracting failed states in the process of globalization. As a result, countries are trying to return to their identity in all spheres, including the political one. It is possible that in the near future other states will quickly and painlessly change their political course from the neo-liberal and globalist agenda to a realist and conservative one.