The United States finds a secret nuclear facility in North Korea


The report prepared by the Institute for Science and International Security, says that it is now known, where uranium is enriched.


The facility is 43 km from the Yongbyon nuclear complex, and plays a key role in the development of the nuclear program of North Korea. There are centrifuges, which produce low-enriched and high-enriched uranium. According to the US source, there are from 200 to 300 centrifuges.



Since the news became public, it is likely that Washington intends to take measures against Pyongyang. It is no coincidence, as recently in Western media there has been an ongoing information campaign about North Korea, which is demonized as the source of threats to the United States.


South Korea

In South Korea the US has established a missile system, which has drawn criticism from Pyongyang and Beijing. Besides this, on July 21st South Korean authorities said they found a North Korean submarine in the disputed waters. Seoul referred this to the US's intelligence database. South Korea claims that submarines of the DPRK can effect a torpedo attack against their vessels.