The UN’s Middle East "Quartet": Is it possible to reconcile Israel and Palestine?


On Thursday, September 22nd in New York will meet the quartet of international mediators on the Middle East on the sidelines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly.

Long term tool

The "Quartet" of international mediators consisting of Russia, the US, the EU and the UN is considered to be the primary mechanism of external support for the peace process in the Middle Eastern region. The group holds regular meetings at the ministerial level and with special representatives. The Quartet was formed in late 2001 and was initiated by Moscow and Brussels.

UN against the occupation

During his recent speech, UN Chairman Ban Ki-moon noted the ongoing exchange of missile attacks and new plans for the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. According to him, the relocation of half a million Israelis to Palestinian territories undermines the process of creating a Palestinian state as such. The issue of settlements is one of the most difficult conflicts in the way of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. Jewish settlers, with the support of the army and law enforcement agencies, systematically “cleaned out" the residencies of Palestinians and declare their rights to these lands. The Palestinians, in turn, arrange regular provocations.

Last curtsey

US President Barack Obama raised the issue of the occupation of Palestinian lands during his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 20th. However, at a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, he said that Israel has no better friend than the United States and that Israel is America’s best friend. Barack Obama has more than once showed weakness and uncertainty in relations with Tel Aviv, and in the last meeting with Netanyahu this trend was confirmed. In addition, it is possible to note an agreement on military aid to Israel in the amount of $38 billion. This was the largest such deal in US history. This fact can also be seen as an attempt by Obama to provide another service to Israel at the end of his presidential term.