The alternative information in Italy: the “ComeDonChisciotte” case


The problem of free and “alternative” information is becoming more and more urgent in the Western world. The word “alternative” means nothing more than different from the kind of information provided by established and self-referential media and which generally offer a standardized view of the world.

A diversity, therefore, which must absolutely not be understood as synonymous with far-fetched, a potpourri of reptilian-flat-earth nonsense propagated by runaways with aluminium caps on their heads that should defend them from electromagnetic conditioning interference of satellite origin.

No: diversity here means precisely something that is absolutely the product of a complex reasoning, implemented precisely to understand the nature of the phenomenon under analysis and, if possible, to find effective solutions.

The Covid emergency has shown, of course to those who want to see, how easy it is that true Science, the one with a capital S, can end up being set aside in favour of a second-hand scientism, if political interests are accompanied by economic ones to seize the opportunity, for example with the excuse of a “dangerous” pandemic, of not only the stratospheric gains of the usual filthy Big Pharma but also epochal anthropological changes, changes on which the common man has no say in the matter because already decided by power groups that operate behind the scenes even when they appear to operate in the open.

The cruel and criminal, but nevertheless wise, use of techniques of social manipulation has made it possible to transform members of large parts of the Western population into pets.

However, the transition from pets to beasts for slaughter can be tragically short... So, what to do to avoid slaughter and at least try to save even those who do not wake up?

If it is undoubtedly true that the big media censor uncomfortable news that can bring out equally uncomfortable truths, it is also true that, at least for the moment, there are still websites where you can find articles that offer us a point of view denied elsewhere.

The censorship pressure of certain information channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook to name only the best known) has led to the intensification of the efforts to find a different virtual square, an agora, where even unwelcome information can circulate.

The ComeDonChisciotte [1] site is a unicum in the Italian panorama and perhaps the entire internet because it can offer not only Italian and foreign articles published by alternative information sites (the most authoritative sites, but at the same time focused on specific topics, perhaps for a precise editorial choice) but also gives space to original content.

In these days of Covidian madness, we desperately need conflicting voices.

What I offer to readers is the interview with Jacopo Brogi who agreed to answer some of my questions on behalf of the other members of the editorial staff of ComeDonChisciotte.

1) What exactly is ComeDonChisciotte and why did you take the baton of its founder? The name of the site is very evocative...

A) (CDC) is an independent information web portal, active since 2003. As a Vox Populi group (Francesco Chini, Ruggero Arenella, Riccardo Donat-Cattin, Umberto Del Noce, Tommaso Capretti and myself), we took up the baton in February last year, with a view to an illustrious tradition to be maintained to which to give continuity, together with a pinch of collective innovation. CDC is still today one of the main Italian companies; it can reach around 25,000 unique logins per day. The numbers speak to us of constant growth in terms of readers. After the handover with the previous management (to which we are truly grateful and grateful for having built and carried out something really important as CDC for decades) and a period of initial and physiological running-in, we started building an editorial staff that is currently made up of thirty volunteers, including professional journalists and photojournalists. It was born as a “reaction” to the official theses concerning the September 11 attacks: the desire to know, to discover, to deepen, to debate and disseminate information that is not aligned with power. It is our fight against the windmills, quoting the great Cervantes. But ours are not hallucinations, like the fictional ones attributed to the brave knight Don Quixote; today as yesterday, the giants are really there: the big media, the supranational institutions, the corporations, as well as the abuses of the powerful against the humble. History changes, remaining itself. And, in his little one, ComeDonChisciotte tries to investigate, to document and inform those who, without prejudice, look at reality and society with curiosity and above all, I would say, often considering it truly unfair.

2) What is your editorial line?

A) The editorial line tries to reflect popular interests and those of an endangered middle class: We are very mindful to economic and social rights, to individual freedoms. Every day we see how much our Constitution, the one born in 1948, is violated and therefore also the fundamental rights of the human person, including his freedom and inviolability. We are very attentive to political, economic and geopolitical issues, in full respect of national sovereignties and cooperation between free and independent peoples. The opposite of globalization that has now become the Great Reset, economic and demographic; the opposite of ecology exploited to come at a political, economic and social Malthusian model; the opposite of a much heralded gender equality but which hides the unspeakable will to distort human nature, set in motion towards a future with a science fiction outline. There are those who define them, in no uncertain terms, transhumanism. The opposite of uncontrolled immigration passed as a dutiful welcome, but which in reality hides ruthless exploitation. The opposite of a facade democracy that now hides an Orwellian-style totalitarianism. In short, our editorial line could be defined: humanistic and independent. Mindful to the present and to our history.

3) Do you receive funding of any kind or is it all based on the goodwill of individuals?

A) The spirit of CDC is always the same: the site has always carried out a non-profit activity, financing itself thanks to readers for the annual out-of-pocket expenses of hosting and web servers. The editorial staff is entirely made up of volunteers. It is structured in thematic working groups, for example: the foreign group proposes and translates articles from the independent international press; the Covid group deals with medicine, vaccines and health emergencies; then we have the economy and work group, the culture group, just to name the main ones. Each group is interdependent with the others and contributes to the daily enrichment of the site, which is updated with an eye to current events, but above all to the journalistic investigation, reportage, interviews and in-depth analysis, including historical ones.

4) Based on your experience, what are the main difficulties you encounter? Have you ever received threats, censorship or boycotts because of your business?

A) For the moment we have had the censorship of Facebook and YouTube; for example this happened to our prestigious collaborator, the great journalist Fulvio Grimaldi. The weekly study by ComeDonChisciotte, “Sancho”, has been stopped several times, so much so that we had to open our own channel on Rumble. In any case, the air that blows on this side is not good, we expect much worse surprises, but we are gearing up... we will certainly not remain silent. Freedom, when it is aware, is like water: sooner or later it resurfaces and presents the bill, taking back that space that had been taken away.

5) Unfortunately, we live more and more in a climate of profound censorship, induced either by private or State powers, or self-exercised. How difficult is today to provide quality “alternative” information in Italy?

A) is just one of the many independent Italian realities, all of value and appreciable. We are not surprised by the intentions and moves of the Power, what we regret is that it is difficult to find a substantial unity of purpose with the other actors of free information. ComeDonChisciotte is a collective, we are willing to talk and act together with anyone who wants to feed the oxygen of information exclusively of public interest and we need this like air.

6) What are the information macro-areas, let's call them that, on which you have focused and are still concentrating now?

A) As the mega billionaires of Davos teach us, a BIG RESET is underway. It is both demographic and economic; they are building a society on a new foundation. For this reason, The CDC editorial team is currently focused on both the observation and decoding of the vaccination campaign and on the economic effects of the lockdowns and the new economic balances that are emerging. The signs tell us that the 1%, the richest on the planet, are making big money, in every sense. Even if the ultimate goal is never money, but Control. We believe it is the main purpose of this worldwide Reset.

7)  Your approach to information on the COVID-19 pandemic is very different from that of the mainstream press. Are you really sure that in this case it is enough to report a series of articles, certainly also important, to awaken the public conscience?

A) Covid-19, a robust flu syndrome, has proved to be a very powerful political and geopolitical weapon to unleash this third world war. Our editorial staff also has specialized medical consultations to analyse, sift and argue the issue from a medical and epidemiological point of view, because we believe it is essential to try to correctly inform readers about Sars Cov 2. And, even more so, we try to do so on these Anti-Covid “vaccines”. In our own small way, we try to reassure: the virus in question most likely is not, as some say, an artificial bio-weapon, but the experimental drug currently in use on a global scale (called “vaccine”) risks being really so.

8) Do you have a particular project for the near future? A topic that is particularly close to your heart, apart from COVID which is, of course, still painfully present?

A) Our editorial staff also produces video reportages and documentaries. After “Let Us Do Vol.1” [1] and “Greece Laboratory” [3], we are about to start work on a new project. We will try to look further east towards Heartland, namely “The Heart of the Earth”. Any reference to Russia, which may currently be on a different path than the Great Reset, is not purely coincidental. We will try to understand and deepen the history and the present of this great country, today more than ever in the Western crosshairs.

[1] - “Like Don Quixote”

[2] Not yet available on Internet


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