America is already in war


Let's deal with the facts: on the September, 17 American and Australian air bombers  attacked and killed about hundred Syrian soldiers. It's a fact that the US high military commanders do not want to work with Russian military commanders when it comes to the coordination of ground and air strikes.

But whether American people in a whole do care - that's another question. Honestly, they don't have time to think about it and their lack of education on serious issues is deplorable. I would say sincerely that Russian people have more understanding about what is going on in Syria and care more about the situation, then American people do. Americans are backward people. They read comic books and watch CNN, which is a monstrous propaganda machine, manipulates every day the American middle class and serves the military industrial complex. So, I doubt that Americans have a concern about what happened to those Syrian soldiers.

The fact is that Samantha Powers with her outrageous and coward behavior showed the act of denial. That was a war crime, that America is not able to admit to. Whether it was an accident or not, they are unable to work with Russian on coordination of strikes against terrorists.

Regarding the humanitarian convoy, we will not know for a long time whether Americans played role in it or not.  However, the US will blame Russia. Why? Because it is a reflection. And it works for them in the West. It works out of apathy when it comes to the mainstream media in the West. They are concerned about manipulation and being able o control American population and population of the Eastern Europe.

In his latest speech at the United Nations, Obama was talking about how much liberal democratic changes in the world during his term.  The fact is that Obama has never talked about factual evidences, that are understood by other countries, that the CIA did play a part in many revolts. He has never talked about fascist units within Ukrainian army and their provocations in Donbas region. But he accuses Russia: "If Russia continues to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors, it may fuel nationalist fervor for a time, but over time it’s also going to diminish its stature and make its borders less secure.”

What a hypocritical statement! The United States has been constantly interfering in other countries for decades, from South America to South-East Asia, and now in Syria. one more incident - and then we will have a hot world war. Yes, there is a possibility of World War Three. But the fact is that we, people in America, are seeing  killings of African Americans, every day. All that falls apart - we are already in a war. We are in a cultural war, in a war of racism, that is similar to what happened at pre-Nazi Germany. These are things that affects our daily lives. We certainly in a world war. Russian military leadership knows that, that's a fact.

I am not a white America. I am a national minority, a Mexican American in third generation. Do not  be confused of Mexican nationals suppresses the border to seek for work because they sold their land or feel oppression by Mexican government. Here in US, most Americans are so ignorant and primitive, they confused in understanding what is Mexican national and a Mexican American. I am a colonized citizen, not Mexican. And this is something, that needs to be understood by the Russian people in terms of differences between Mexican nationals, that comes across the borders. We are put in a same arena and ostracized, killed, psychologically maimed. Similar happened to the African Americans here in United States.

I think that Russian military operators, through its hard ships of past wars, may know that US government, particularly the Obama regime, cannot be trusted. And they shouldn't trust. To trust them - is to sign an own death warrant. Obama should be put on notice, that Russia knows this and is willing to fight. That means a strike against American military installations or military aircraft on Syrian territory or above the skies.