American Nightmare of Separation from Afghanistan: Is the Mujahedin-e Khalq the Next?


The United States has shown since its beginning that it is not a credible country. For the United States, every group, organization, country, and even political figure is supported only as long as it benefits the USA, and when it loses its effectiveness, it will be replaced very quickly, and all US obligations to that group or country will be severed. As we have seen in recent days, the United States, in a shocking move in the Taliban civil war with Afghan government, left Afghanistan very quickly after 20 years that it spent 1 trillion USD, and left Afghan people defenseless. The Afghan army, which was under the direct training of the US military and had all kinds of military equipment, could not even resist the Taliban, with such simple military equipment, for two weeks.

The United States and its other allies in leaving Afghanistan did not even allow Afghans who worked for them in embassies or military barracks to join them in this flee. However, several German planes were sent to Afghanistan to transport alcoholic drinks from Afghanistan to Germany, and again, did not even let any of their Afghan personnel board the planes. The actions echoed the voices of peace-loving American lawmakers, such as MP Ilhan Omar, who was a former refugee proclaiming:

"There has been and will be a long time to deal with the political setbacks in Afghanistan during the last four terms of the presidency and in the future. The current urgency now calls for an international coalition for every Afghan citizen to evacuate their country to escapes for their life."

Meanwhile, US troops stationed at Kabul Airport do not allow people to board military and passenger planes, and only place their equipment and pets on the planes instead. The question may be asked on what the benefit of a country like Afghanistan for the United States was and what the reason for the US-Afghanistan war and occupation of this country has been.

The cause of the war in Afghanistan is largely attributed to 9/11, but in this terrorist attack, 15 Saudis, 2 Emirati, 1 Egyptian and 1 Lebanese were involved. So why didn't the US attack Saudi Arabia? The answer you will never hear from the US government is that in 1995 Afghanistan was the number one producer of opium and heroin worldwide. The CIA-created Taliban exported opium and heroin to Iran, Russia and China, addicting millions and causing extensive economic damage, increasing heroin-related crimes, and the spread of fatal diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C in these countries. The Taliban suddenly banned poppy cultivation in 2001, which solved 90 percent of the world's drug problems, but also made it more expensive in the United States, so there was no reason for the CIA to tolerate that this trade was fading in Afghanistan.

The world heroin market suffered a heroin famine in 2001, and the US war in Afghanistan was to restore the situation and increase the level of the drug trade to previous large amounts, and secure US control over drug routes. The economic war, or "opium war" against Iran, Russia and China, had to be restarted, even at the cost of destroying the Taliban that the CIA itself had created in Afghanistan against the Soviets. The war in Afghanistan was a CIA revenge on the Taliban for stopping poppy cultivation.

At the behest of the US government, 1 trillion USD was spent on the war in Afghanistan; 2381 American soldiers have been killed [so far], thousands of veterans have committed suicide to date; hundreds of thousands have become disabled, and millions have become homeless and displaced. It is interesting to know that the area of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was 7600 hectares when the United States entered Afghanistan and now that the USA coalition has left Afghanistan, the area of poppy cultivation is estimated to be more than 300 thousand hectares. Of course, not all aspects of US exploitation of Afghanistan can be summed up in opium, it should be noted that Afghanistan has a wide variety of mines that have been in the possession of the United States since the arrival of the Americans. The USA has benefited greatly from the exploitation of these mines.

All this shows that the United States and its allies left Afghanistan with full pockets and practically sucked the blood of this country like a leech, and when they saw their interests in danger, regardless of all the considerations, violated their defense pacts with the Afghan government, and left this country once and for all.

On the other hand, this US action caused the US-backed terrorist groups, such as the MEK, which was on the list of American and European foreign terrorist groups during 1997 until 2012. The killing of more than 12,000 Iranians, thousands of Kurds of Iraq and a number of US military advisers in Iran are in its dark background were made to feel threatened, and began to worry about their financial support by Saudi Arabia, their intelligence support by the Zionist regime, and their political support from the United States. The concern was such that members of the group were so shocked that they did not know what position they should take on the US escape from Afghanistan. Some members of the group referred to the Taliban as “revolutionary tribes” in their tweets and took a stand against them in another tweets.

The presence of various terrorist groups in Albania, and according to new reports indicating that Albania has given the green light to accept Afghan refugees in this country, indicates the presence of new forces that may be new substitutes for MEK. Due to the senility of the members of this terrorist group, which has caused them to lose their military efficiency, the dramatic reduction of the presence of political officials in their recent annual meeting, as well as the closing of virtual accounts of the MEK by Facebook for spreading propaganda and the provocation against Iran that as we all know, Facebook is an American company under the direct supervision of the US government, indicating that the USA will cut ties with the MEK group in the near future. In all probability, the MEK is the next option that the USA will forsake.