Another blow to continental Europe


After 8 days after the tragedy in Nice, a new act of terrorism shook Europe. Unknown persons opened fire in several places in Munich. The main attack was targeted at a mall, with 9 people shot. This is the second terrorist attack in Germany in recent days. On July 19th, a refugee from Afghanistan attacked train passengers in Bavaria with an ax .

Who committed the attack?

It is not exactly known who the attackers were. The most likely are two versions:

1. Islamic extremists. This is not necessarily immigrants among the Wahhabis in Germany because, among radical Muslims there are many converts from native Germans. Note that a terrorist attack in Germany occurred almost a week after the attack in Nice. According to the police the suspected gunman is an 18-year-old local resident with dual German and Iranian citizenship. He apparently committed suicide

2. Neo-Nazis. This version is based on the fact that the attack took place on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Norway back in  2011, which was carried out by the now infamous Anders Breivik.

3. Foreign nationalists (the Kurds against the Turks).

Whatever the motives of the direct perpetrators of the crime actually are, its consequences will increase the tension, anxiety, and disorientation in German society. They will be easier to manipulate, using the threat of Islamic terrorism and neo-Nazism, including being manipulated from the outside. In general, the attack tends to weaken confidence in Europe and its peoples in their leaders.

At the same time - this is a demonstration of the weakness of the EU, the destructiveness of its migration policy and the dangers of liberal ideology as a whole. The immigrants from Islamic countries cannot integrate into the host society. Many immigrants are second and third generation, have lost touch with the traditional Islam of their ancestors, and are reacting harshly to the social and spiritual challenges of the modern West, and have found the "way out" through radical Islam. With the new migrants the bloody interethnic and religious tensions and conflicts from the Middle East are exported to Europe.

In turn, the indigenous Germans are radicalized in response to this aggression from invaders. By promoting the ideology of tolerance, the ruling Liberals in the EU only provoke Islamists and indulge them, at the same time pushing indigenous Europeans into radicalism.

In the interests of the US

This terrorist attack corresponds to the US's interests, as it weakens continental Europe, after the process of the UK leaving the EU has started. Now there is a hypothetical possibility of the transformation of the EU into a Continentalist Union on the basis of the Franco-German bloc, which could in the long term achieve independence from the United States. And it is against this block the US had to unleash a hybrid war, using all their networks of influence aiming to diminish the potential of Continental Europe.

Hybrid war

The terrorist attacks in Germany and France, the attempted coup in Turkey, another NATO power that has the potential for a policy independent of the US, proves that such a war has started. It should be kept in mind that US intelligence agencies have both the experience of cooperation with Islamic structures and also neo-Nazis. The famous project "Gladio" - the creation of secret neo-Nazi networks to counter the Soviet Union and its communist networks in Europe during the Cold War, was run by the CIA.

What to expect?

In addition to the attacks and the use of force on the part of neo-Nazi and Islamist networks, we should also expect the activation of other networks - criminal and mafia communities associated with Atlanticist intelligence agencies and networks. In particular, these include: Albanian mafia tied to the CIA, Kurdish criminals, networks connected to the Montenegrin president and crime boss Milo Djukanovic.