Balkan powder keg


Since the fall of the Soviet Union Balkan is not a stable area, the reason is simple - it is not in the interest of the Globalists. In accordance with that, are actual developments in the Balkans. But now the masks are falling. Globalists are in a hurry to grab to achieve its geopolitical goals. 

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for most of  Balkans inhabitants, Russia is preventing that. The reason is simple, today's Russia is not the one of 90s, who could not stand up to the West, which has rocked the Balkans. Today’s Russia provides symmetrical responses to the West or to be precise to the Globalists. On the declaration from Pentagon and NATO that Russia for them is "strategic competitor", the Kremlin gave a quick response. Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased the number of soldiers and officers in the Armed Forces of Russian Federation for 12,000. Practicaly: the size of a complete division. In addition, Vladimir Putin on March 23 announced that in the next three and a half years  "potential impact" of Russian high-precision weapons will be "increased four times." This serious and statesmanlike conduct of Russia by Vladimir Putin is what slowed down the Globalists in the burning the Balkans, again.

This is especially important for the Serbs, who without the help of Russia  would have a dark future. One of the first significant evidence of the power of Russia in the Balkans is the rearmament of the Serbian Army. Until recently, the Army of Serbia and the Serbian military industry were systematically annihilated. Now things are slowly but steadily changing. That the Balkan enters in a new period, is best seen from the numerous proposals that come from the West. Timothy Less former diplomat and analyst published an article in the end of 2016, in Foreign Affairs.  In the text he proposed new redrawing of borders in the Balkans. He proposes the establishment of a Greater Serbia, Greater Albania and Greater Croatia. Also, Steven Meyer believes that the borders in the Balkans will be changed. In his view that will happen in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. It became clear that Bosnia and Hercegovina is a state which has no future. This is primarily related that the West realized that they can not destroy the Republic of Srpska. Therefore suggestions from the West on the division of Bosnia and Hercegovina are more open. The goal of the West is that in this situation they get the maximum of their interests in the region. And if is real that Republic of Srpska in future will be a part of Serbia, to satisfy their interests, the globalists want a Greater Albania.

Realization of the "Tirana platform" would be the first step towards splitting Macedonia. For now, the Albanians have the support from old globalist structures and NATO. Macedonian society is divided. On one hand, the ruling VMRO-DPMNE, which has over the past decade had some economic success for the country and they led the nationalist policies, they want to save Macedonia. On the other hand, the SDSM party was built on the foundations of the Communist Party. SDSM is deeply anti-Serb, radically turned against Serbian Orthodox Church.  And today SDSM is anti-Macedonian party, because it works directly on breaking Macedonia. What is important to know for Macedonia is the current demographic situation. Most of the speculation are about the number of Albanians. Albanians claim that they make 25% of the population of Macedonia, but in reality it is about 19% of Macedonian population. One of the main problems with the Albanians in the region, is that they seek to be self-enumerated, so that they artificially increase their number. Thanks to the West, they succeed in that. For them that is one of the main weapons for a Greater Albania.

After the US Senate approved accession of Montenegro to NATO,  situation in Montenegro is becoming more intense. 

"Montenegro's accession to NATO will contribute to stability both in the region and in Europe, and we expect all countries to sign the protocol by June," said Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

 However, the most of the citizens of Montenegro are against NATO integration. Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, that from shadow is controlled by Milo Djukanovic does not allow a referendum. The situation in Montenegro is already tense because from the past parliamentary elections there is a opened political crisis. Opposition is outside of the Parliament. The aim of Globalists regarding Montenegrin accession to NATO is the closure of the Adriatic coast for Russia and encirclement of Serbia. It is realistic to expect serious protests in Montenegro in the coming period.

 B4 platform on which there is so little talk in public and about which is secretly negotiated between Russia and US, is the best solution in the current geopolitical situation for the region. But one thing is clear, the borders in the Balkans will be changed, the only question is whether it will be in peace or in war.