Columbus Day


Today is Columbus Day celebrating the discovery of America. The 8th of November, the presidential election day in the United States, is inexorably moving closer. Only the last round of debate between the protégé of the World Government, Hillary Clinton, and the spokesman of the will of average Americans, Donald Trump, the real representative of America, remains. Everything is going to be decided soon…

During these elections, for the first time in centuries, a fundamental question is being resolved: Whither the United States? This issue was decided during the War of Independence, and not everybody supported the Masons from the Sons of Liberty lodge who raised a revolt against His Majesty’s crown. The second time in US history that such a vital choice was made was in the Civil War, when the Universalist Republican North, representing liberal progressivism, grappled with the Democratic South, as many people, the Confederate Southerners, voted for slavery and saw in Lincoln’s initiatives an attempt against the sovereignty of states’ self-government. The third time was marked by President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points, which became fundamentally important when after the First World War he declared that the United States would take on the mission of being the guarantor of democracy and liberalism on a global scale. 

This meant that America passed on from being a traditional isolationist to imperial expansion, taking the baton from the former metropolis of Great Britain, which in turn became a new periphery of the American Empire.

In the 20th century, the success of the United States was only strengthened by the globalist elite’s correct moves. The collapse of the USSR in ‘91 marked the establishment of the unipolar world order. The question of proclaiming a World Government, for which Masonic lodges had striven for centuries, was now a matter of the nearest future as the United States no longer had a serious rival.  The neoconservatives, raised from the former Trotskyists, announced the beginning of the New American Century. The building of the Global American Empire entered its final stage.

All candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, have agreed with this position. Everybody except Donald Trump. This is the uniqueness of the current situation.

Trump represents a true and absolute American. According to him, freedom is always the freedom of choice, speech, and action. It doesn’t matter what the elites consider or what the rules of political correctness demand. He thinks: “If it goes against my will and my mind, I don’t care, for I am endowed with freedom.” Or, as the slogan of the state of New Hampshire says: “Live free or die.” These words are Donald Trump’s motto. Freedom is the way to saying yes or no to anything. This can now likewise be said to globalism, the neoconservatives, the politically correct elites, and the World Government.  Trump is not an ideologist. He doesn’t have any evident far-reaching strategy. He just thinks about America. America is first for him! This is not an empty word. If America is great, then his program will be completed.

But this greatness is not compatible with the country’s current course. All the peoples and countries of the world, even allies, hate the United States. Some of them are still simply afraid of America and dependent, while the others are no longer in its grips. At the head of those who are not afraid and are independent is Putin's Russia. Russia is the main enemy of the World Government. But Trump doesn’t accept this. Is Russia really encroaching upon the United States and its territorial integrity? Is Russia undermining American economic power? Does this country really plan to strike a blow at America? Is Putin really fighting against the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, an organization banned in Russia? He sure is! Putin rejects the World Government and insists on sovereignty, but at the same time acts in an American way by putting freedom first and foremost. Perhaps this tough guy could be not so much an enemy as a friend and even an ally if, of course, America is great and free once again.

This is why Donald Trump is condemned. It appears that the world elite of bankers and globalists acting on behalf of liberalism and freedom hate this very freedom. Externally, they see an enemy in the face of Putin, and domestically, in the face of Trump.

But the most important fact is already irreversible. The United States will never again be what it once was. In fact, Trump has started a new American Revolution. This revolution is once again for freedom. But this time, this is for freedom from the maniacal globalist elite.  This is like a genie from a bottle. Once released, he cannot be hidden again. No matter what, Trump himself and his followers will not simply go away after the elections. 

American society has felt the taste of freedom once again. The taste of freedom is the path to decide, choose, speak, and act. So now, this means either victory or Trump's new revolution. For your freedom and ours, dear American brothers.