Davutoglu nearly came to power through Gülen’s upheaval


Davutoglu is an example of American planning in execution: promotion of neo-Ottomanism, unfavorable policy in Syria, the escalation of conflict with Russia etc. Because of his moribund policy, Turkey's territorial integrity was under threat. There is no surprise that he gave the order to shoot down Russian planes. This action was aimed not only against Russia, but against Turkey and its territorial integrity. Davutoglu has always acted in the interests of the US. Finally, he was removed from the post of prime minister.

Interesting fact: many people are saying that Davutoglu could have entered the new government, if the coup had succeeded. This is what people from his party are saying now.

Regarding the downing of the Russian SU-24, Davutoglu has successfully paved the way for this precedent. He gave a clear order, and-Gulen’s pilots made the decision to destroy the plane.

We had attempts to amend the constitution of Turkey before the coup. It considered the question of Turkey’s autonomy. In my opinion, this is very dangerous. The autonomy threatens the country's territorial integrity. This is exactly what the Americans and Gulen followers wanted. The amendments will be decided by parliament. I believe that the Turkish people will not support the amendment to have more autonomy, even if this item is adopted by parliament.

On the other hand, there is the process of reforming of the army. In this issue, we need to be careful. Turkey needs a stable and strong army, especially in the conditions of its war on terrorism. However, after the coup some politicians wanted to punish the Army. But they should remember that the majority of it came against the coup and supported the legitimate authority. Thanks to the loyalty of the army, the coup plotters failed to carry out their plan. We need a strong, stable army. Its weakening is lucrative to Gulen followers and America.

Now Turkey needs Russian support. The threat from the United States is evident, especially after the unsuccessful coup d’état. The upcoming meeting between President Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg is very important. Our countries should not just ameliorate relations, but create a strong strategic partnership, much stronger than it was before the crisis. Turkey and Russia should join efforts in the fight against terrorism, separatism and fundamentalism.