The Doping Scandal – part of the war against Russia


First of all, the Olympic idea is that the ideology of sports is not political. Rather, it is about humanity, the friendship of nations, and the brotherhood of sportsmen. It is supposed to have nothing to do with politics. But now, unfortunately, the US has politicized the Olympic idea. This is an attack on all sportsmen in the world, but first of all on Russian ones.

This is obviously a part of the western disinformation campaign against Russia. This time they decided to attack Russian sportsmen, because Russia sportsmen are the best in the world. Also, sports has an important and significant place within Russian society and Russian patriotism. In this aggressive campaign of disinformation and psychological warfare, the United States decided to use sports as a weapon. Attacking sports is a very bad idea and it has been unsuccessful.

The attempt to disqualify the whole Russian national team from the Olympic Games in Rio failed. But the huge propaganda campaign all around the world against Russia is ridiculous. There is no proof of anything; there was a TV report which doesn’t prove anything. This attack should be considered as only a part of the Great War. Recently, NATO carried out a military exercise near Kaliningrad. The “Anaconda” maneuver war games were a clear threat to the Russian Federation. This time they decided to carry out yet another psychological attack by accusing Russian sportsmen and the Russian state of doping their athletes. The attack was unsuccessful because Russia is going to participate in the Olympics. Unfortunately, many good Russian sportsmen have been the victims of this campaign. This is all part of a great war against Russia.

The USA is waging a great war against Russia by all means: information, military threats, and psychological threats. This massive attack against Russian sports is nothing but planned operation against Russian people. But it is unsuccessful. The problem is that some people in international sports community, like Thomas Bach, did not agree with this attack. Because it affected not only Russian sports, but all sports. It was against Olympic Ideals, based on unpolitical motives.