Europe vs. the West


I consider myself to be an anti-Western ideologist in the fullest sense of the word. But I distinguish between Europe and the West. I believe that these are two different concepts. Europe is an historical territory where different peoples, traditions, and states have existed which highly interest me. I have written a series of books called Noomahiya (“Clash of the Nomoi”) in which I discuss the logos of Europe, Germany, France, Italy, and Greece. I have the deepest reverence and respect for the logos of European culture. I study this logos together with the languages, literature, philosophy, and cultures of Europe, which I love. But I think that the path that European society has gone down over the last few centuries, beginning with the epoch of the Enlightenment and ending with liberalism and modern Anglo-Saxon liberalism, is not Europe, but Anti-Europe. And this is precisely what I attribute to the concept of the “West.” The West is sunset, the fall, the descent, which is precisely the etymology that the word has in Russian. I am against the West and for the East, for ascent. The West is the decline of Europe.

I have anti-Western views, but not anti-European ones. I share the greatest sense of interest in Europe and I highly appreciate the traditional European logos. It is no coincidence that I have written several volumes dedicated to Martin Heidegger. I have authored many works dedicated to other European thinkers as well. It is very important not to turn this into a caricature. A person can love Europe and hate the West. The West is not a continuation of European culture, but its replacement. European identity was hijacked, and the spirit which haunts modern Europe is an anti-European one. I love real Europe - Christian, Greco-Roman, Gothic Europe with its traditional spirit and heroic values. But I despise and reject this liberal, bourgeois, degenerative, and politically correct pseudo-Europe which is losing its culture and identity before our very eyes.