Exposing a Brazilian Agent Provocateur


Brazil is being targeted by a destabilization campaign. President Dilma’s government, backed by the same Workers’ Party that elected Lula, is under attack from the radicalleft wing and the right wing. Traditionally, Brazilians were afraid of the Workers’ Party rule, but everything changed since the presidency of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, a fabian socialist that promoted free market measures amid socialist policies. He chose Armínio Fraga, a man linked to George Soros, as head of the central bank. This kept Brazil under the whip of high interest rates, and the consequence of high govenment spending under the market raised inflation, while advancing populist measures like Bolsa Família(a program that now divides the population) and dismantling the armed forces. With Fernando Henrique Cardoso’s tacit backing, Lula won the presidency and started the Workers’ Party rule.

The Workers’ Party is linked to the Foro de São Paulo, an organization that connects FARC, Cuba, and the Bolivarists into a gigantic web that covers the whole of Latin America. The goals are clear: to regain in Latin America what was lost in Eastern Europe. According to the Brazilian right wing, this organization and the Workers’ Party were financed by the money that FARC acquired through drug production,  which had become a FARC monopoly after the Plano Colombia, launched by Clinton, destroyed the rival drug cartels. The FARC, despite the efforts of the Colombian Army, were never defeated: when the army is about to crush them, the government always does its best to allow its remnants to flee and fight another day. While this goes on, business is done as usual. A former president of the NYSE, Richard Grasso, even visited a FARC camp in the middle of the Amazon! Convenientely, Colombia becomes more and more a police state and the American government receives a pretext to erect some military bases in Colombia.

In Venezuela, one should remember the warning given by Aaron Russo, who stated that the country was among Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria as target of future attacks from the USA, which would be triggered by a dramatic event([1]). Before analyzingthe situation, one must understand the rule of pro-American politicians, like Capriles, a zionist that occupies an important position in the crisis, and why the Obama administration, blamed of being communist by the same South American right wing linked via UNOAMERICA, are all trying to attack Venezuela:


Everything is quite familiar! An anti-American government allowed to take the power indirectly supported by the USA, and then as time passes by and difficulties to govern and move their totalitarian agenda reachs a climax, the USA becomes firmly opposed to the same government, raising aggression against the victim with the certainty it will be attacked. War, then, becomes inevitable and a casus belli is easy to find amid such increased tension.

In Brazil, radicals paid by George Soros, a frontman for zionism, are terrorizing the middle class with the communism spectre, and protests against the Workers’ Party government, drowned in huge corruption scandals, are ongoing. The middle class, fired up by the violent rhetoric of Olavo de Carvalho, an intellectual that made the middle class adopt manners that are just like those we usually associate with the populace, discovered that is uncapable of taking the streets. He claims that the mititary will act, but the military does not want to because in this moment of polarization that will mean civil war, and the army has no numbers and no material condition of doing that while still preserving territorial sovereignty (and don’t trust the pro-American zionist right wing that is promoted by the same mass media that promotes the left wing). Considering the scenario in the Amazon, where separatist groups, some backed directly by Prince Charles, are being trained by foreign specialists, and the instrumentalization of human rights for imperialist ends, a civil war scenario might offer the golden opportunity to put the Amazon, the richest territory of the planet,  under “international control”. Since the beginning of the Portuguese colonization, Brazilians had to deal, successfully until now, with the interests of foreigners, and recently they had to deal with a “proto-globalist” attack conduced a few years after the fall of the monarchy (search for the Bolivian Syndicate/Acre Affaire). Since the days of Leopold II in Congo, things have not changed that much but the techniquesgotten more sophisticated.

We are faced with a planned crisis based in the same dialectic tricks that confirm who is behind the scenes: this is not the first time in history we witness such manipulation. I speculate that the Brazilian Spring will be timed to reach a climax coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil, an event that is on its way to end as a catasthophe. By this time, after the international repercussion and the zenith of Brazilian frustration, the media will show all the corruption behind the event, possibly involving government personel, and a economic crisis will be triggered. The result, I believe, needs no explanation.


I’b been student of Olavo de Carvalho Seminario de Filosofia for 4 years (2009-2013). Recently before Christmas, I took the decision of cutting my ties with him. The first time I heard about Mr. Carvalho was in the end of 2003, via some articles on globalism, a subject I never found discussed in Portuguese at the time. This was the beginning of his ascenssion to fame, thanks to the website Mídia Sem Máscara and Trueoutspeak, a radio show. His general theory on globalism, denouncing a super-class he designated as the meta-capitalists, looked very sound to me, but soon I found his practical analysis of the situation lacked depth and was wrong in many particular points, specially when they would expose the “right wing globalism”. At the same time, he exposed all the American Democrat politicians’ links, but with an anti-communist bias, he would ommit the fact the Republican leaders were linked to the same establishment only through different means. Those that fight against this system in America, like Alex Jones and Ron Paul, would be blamed by him of being KGB agents, just as if nothing had changed in Russia.

After Obama’s election, inaugurating the most explicit zionist government in American history, Olavo kept covering these links, showing Obama’s “Islamic” links as proof that he was sponsoring an Islamic policy, but omitting that the Islamic links were Saudi, the same Saudis suported by Bush and the neo-con Republicans (among others), or taking his links to Saul Alinsky as proof of him being communist, without going further on the trail. About facts like the link between Obama and Rahm Emmanuel, son of one of the founders of the Israeli secret services, nothing would be said, as nothing would also be said about Israeli attacks in Syria and its sponsoring of radical Islamists that now mass murder the same Christians he claims to defend. I decided to then ask him in private about these facts and others that point to the same direction.

Faced with questions he could not answer without being exposed, he would ignore them, and I made sure he was aware of my questions and observations. It was weird behaviour, specially because it comes from a man that spends many hours bashing people from his powerful public position, like a populist known as Poeta e Ateu (Poet and Atheist), a harmless man diluded by communism, contradicting a maxim he publicly declares to espouse: to defend the few against the many.

I appealed to the social network, where he spends lots of time every week for propaganda reasons, very sucessfully, and I inquired about him there, always by the time that he would be online. I got nothing besides a few truck driver jokes to dismiss the facts I pointed as trivial. Sure of his intellectual dishonesty and of his approval of the agenda he was publicly favouring, I broke mylinks to him, sending a personal letter via the internal mail of his philosophy course to be sure it would be read.     

Annoyed by the increasing number of inconvenient questions posed by Brazilian traditional monarchist Catholics, a few young people faithful to the old Catholic bliefs and receptive to a geopolitical change in the orientation of Brazil, Portugal, and the whole Portuguese-speaking world, to oppose the threat of the new world order, a group of people known by less Brazilians than those that believe in UFOs, Olavo felt he had to appeal to his skills in lying and defamating to hide the reality from his “fans”.

Avoiding attacking me directly, and everything is documented in my blog, Prometheo Liberto (www.libertoprometheo.blogspot.com), a friend of 19-years-old,  calling him and “his gang” a bunch of anti-semites, which means, as everybody knows, a supporter of the NSDP! Who do these attacks serve? None other than the zionist mafia, which in this way destroys the reputation of those that dare to expose the truth about the cartel while at the same time associate them with a movement that they always instrumentalized (remember IG Farben, the past life of Soros or the association of Nazi industrialists and international bankers after the war, like in the case of Alfried Krupp, sponsor of the European Union)! He knows that tradicional Catholics reject eugenics or the beliefin superior - or chosen - races, and he knows very well that a significant part of Jews are anti-zionists, specially the orthodox, and by consciously using this adjective he is lying. He also knows that we have many people of Jewish descent, a category that also includes myself, on our side, but he is playing for the populist masses, appealing to their irrational feelings.

After such a cowardly attack on a 19-year-old friend, I took the decision of striking him directly, revealing an “inocuous” list a friend found in the website of a masonic lodge, where his name was listed as a mason. An innocent person would not care about this simple fact, dismissing it as a mistake, and that could be the case, but he instead started to invent other journalists and professors who no one else knows. Seeing he made a mistake, he changed tactics and restarted the difamation campaing, this time mentioning my name directly. 

He acused me of not having been his student, something I disproved without doubt by documents I posted in my blog, and to be an anti-semite working as an agent for Lyndon laRouche, with the specific mission of spying on Mr. Carvalho’s activities and sabotaging his philosophy course. I didn’t know Lyndon laRouche any further than by the name, and my brother promptly found an interview he gave to Alex Jones two days before this attack, where he exposes the links between Nazis and Georse Soros to destabilize Ukraine by using anti-comunism as a weapon, just as is currently being done in Brazil!

I presented proof that Olavo was lying on every line and that he was doing it counciously, not only because there are lessons of his course where he says my name, including one were he asks me to write a work on some thoughts I sent him on Russia, but also I’m – was - a friend of personal friends of him, including one person that wrote in my blog and left after I broke ties to Mr. Olavo. Realizing he was caught, he changed – again - his tactics, apealing to everybody to cut their ties with me and my friends and to not pay any attention to our words, appealing aswell to censorship and vigilance against theorganizes web that was attacking him: five or six “lunatics” against one man that affirms to be the head of the Brazilian right wing movement, supposedly had 50 thousand followers, 5 thousand“friends”, was famous all over Brazil, was quoted by every right-wing journalist and politician, and linked to “UNO”AMERICA, the organization that links him to all the right-wing globalist revolutionaries from Latin America. He, the agressor, is afraid of us and pretends to be the victim. Is he mad? No, he is only afraid after having been exposed.

Simultaneously, using his influence over the weak and naive, he made many people I considered to be friends  break off their friendship with me, and he even uses undercover people to spy on our actions. Are these the ways of a democrat that affirms himself to be Catholic? Or are these the ways of someone with a long experience of esoteric cults and deep knowledge of how to manipulate the masses? To understand the extent of this, I have a letter from a student, very close to Olavo, which blames me of treason (Olavo is more important to her than the truth or Brazil), were she says it had been more painfull to cut ties to me than to people of her own family! I’d been with her 3 times! Isn’t this a sect, or at least the upper part of a sect with an inner cicle?

Afraid of the consequences of his mistakes and of his exposition, he now states  that will not answer anymore questions (remeber Ask McCain?), but keep using them for propaganda and defamation, thereby promoting a witch hunt.


Confronted with such assaults on my reputation, I decided to investigate Olavo’s life and connect the facts together. The facts I already knew convinced me he is a liar and a propagandist, but things got much worse since I decided to understand not only his agenda, but himself personally. Olavo de Carvalho had been initiated in the Tariqah of Fritjof Schuon, the centre of many scandals that were never investigated to the end, and also to a Muslim centre in Brasilia, financed by the Saudi Arabi government, the very same government that gave him a prize for a book on Islam (a fact he proudly shows as proof of his intellectual stance).

During the attack campaign of Mr. Carvalho, I received lots of material that helped me to discover the network, including an old judicial process where we come to know Mr. Carvalho had a Muslim name, Sidi Muhammad, a proof of conversion. This contradicts what he says to his students, denying that he has ever converted, and is important to understand his so-called “Catholicism”. The same man acused Obama of being Muslim, alleging that he could be not Christian otherwise he would be considered an apostate, something we know the penalty for under Islamic law. Olavo concluded that Obama is an udnercover Muslim. Does the same reasoning work on Olavo? He can’t alledge ignorance, otherwise the Saudi government, whichespouses the most violent and intolerant school of Islam, would not have awarded him, and his own son, or the many Muslims that live in Richmond, Virginia, could remind him of this fact.

Saudi Arabia is behind the Arab Spring and finances “Islamic” terrorism, as the whole world already knows. Right now their mercenaries are killing Christians in Syria and many other parts of the Muslim world:


This explains the nature of sect that involves the cult to Olavo, which becomes more intense as it gets closer to the master. Olavo de Carvalho, it’s also importante to note, also works for a small newspaper controlled by the masonry. Strangely, this insignificant newspaper can retain him as correspondant in the USA, far away from the many judicial problems against him, writing one article per week, while bigger newspapers in Brazil are dependant on the international news agencies.

Olavo de Carvalho is clearly an agent provocateur and his misson is to intensify the polarization of Brazil, instigating fear and promoting a violent rethoric on the middle classes, which intensifies the violence of the opposite faction. To guarantee the success of the plan, the alternatives that might unify the Brazilians against all factions that now divide them and work for foreign powers, be they centered in Havana or Washington, must be destroyed. For this agent provocateur, it is a necessity to associate decent monarchist Catholics as Nazis in order to cover up the truth about him, a fact that would be an important strike against the plans that the globalist elites have for Brazil: civil war, foreign interventionm and subtraction of large parts of its territory that will then be administered by “multinational” institutions.

That’s the reason why it’s important to expose this agent, and it must be done as fast as possible. Things are scalating and a masonic televangelist congressman already made a speech on parliament mentioning the attacks on Mr. Carvalho, blaming them on a communist cabala and asking for censorship against us in order to hide the legal process where his Muslim name is mentioned:


In coordination with this action, there is already a masonic manifesto on the communist threat against Brazil, the same communism they promoted and sponsored for decades (it’s important to remind one that the Vice-President of Brazil, Michel Temer, is a high ranking mason):


Simultaneously, to erase proof of his lies and his defamation campaign, specially against Mr. Lyndon laRouche, a mistake that could put his safe heaven, from where he incites a civil war in Brazil, in jeopardy, Mr. Olavo erased his Facebook account and now blames the same communists of having done that, omitting the truth about his exposure and increasing the intensity of his civil war provocation.

The Brazilian media right-wing journalists already joined the campaign. Here is an example, published today in the largest Brazilian news magazine:


About me, I need to write a few words. I don’t worry about the lies Mr. Carvalho invented about me and only request one thing: to let Mr. Lyndon la Rouche know about this affair and its importance. It’s important to expose this agent provocateur and abort the Arab Srping that is being prepared for Brazil. If that’s done, we can avoid a bloodbath. I’m pretty sure this is a duty upon us, speacially because this might trigger a general war on South America and even trigger a world war.


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[1] I found the inclusion of Venezuela quite weird at the time. Venezuela does not offer a threat. If Venezuelan communism was a threat, why not to attack Cuba first? I speculete, based on the past, that Cuba is a “useful threat”.