Globalists Use Culture Decay Against Russia

The subversion of traditional morality, custom and religion in targeted societies has been an integral part of the globalist agenda, indicated by the grant-making trends of organisations such as the Open Society Foundations, founded by globalist supremo George Soros, and among the many NGOs that has been ousted from Russia and more recently from Hungary.  In particular, gender issues, including the promotion of feminism and liberalised abortion laws (called ‘reproductive rights’) have been significant. 
In 2012 international outrage was invoked against Russia because a law was passed prohibiting ‘propaganda of homosexuality to minors’. That prohibiting the attempted induction of children by those with a ‘gay agenda’ should be regarded as an outrage against ‘human rights’ itself says something about the decay of the West. The Open Society Foundations predictably started funding activities designed to challenge the Russian law. Primary among these is a ten-day ‘Side-by-Side LGBT Film Festival’, started in 2008, which is ‘a long-time grantee of the Open Society Foundations’. [1] 
In 2017 the European Court on Human Rights stated that the Russian law is discriminatory after ‘gay rights activists’ were fined [2] – not for homosexuality, which is legal – but for promoting homosexuality among minors. Vitaly Milonov, a member of the Duma for Putin’s ruling United Russia party, who introduced the bill, responded that the court’s decision ‘is absolutely harmful, and those who set up this decision are enemies of Europe’.  That the ‘activists’ were prosecuted for demonstrating outside a secondary school and a children’s library, [3] seems to be a matter of no consequence for the Russophobes. 
Among the most vociferous in defending this culture-infection has been Human Rights Watch, [4] which postures as an independent monitoring group, but which has among its primary ‘partners’ Soros’ omnipresent Open Society Foundations, along with the Ford Foundation, and other globalist entities. [5]   Another prime mover is Freedom House.
The Russian ‘LGBT Network’, founded in 2006, is ‘partnered’ with Freedom House. Freedom House was a significant factor in the Cold War, stating that among its activities were the establishment of a propaganda outlet for the Afghan ‘freedom fighters’ (who became today’s Jihadists) fighting the Russians, and being among the first to support the Solidarity movement in Poland,[6] which was another creation of Soros, NED, et al. Freedom House states that it assisted the former Soviet bloc ‘in the establishment of independent media, independent think tanks, and the core institutions of electoral politics’.
That is to say, Freedom House, like a multitude of others, sought to re-make these states in the decaying image of the Late West, and is now part of a global offensive in this region because many of those Eurasian, Magyar and Slavic peoples have rejected the West’s liberal rot and predatory economics. 
Freedom House continues the Cold War strategy of pushing the culture-decay that had been implemented by a CIA organisation especially created in 1948 for that purpose, the Congress for Cultural Freedom. This was an offensive now called the ‘Cultural Cold War’.  [7]  During that time, when the USSR struck back with a campaign against ‘rootless cosmopolitanism’, and defined a ‘Russian culture’ that was traditional rather than Marxist, [8] the Congress for Cultural Freedom promoted jazz and abstract expressionism as among the cultural glories of U.S. democracy. Today the U.S. State Department promotes Hip Hop. [9] A primary military strategist, Col. Ralph Peters, overtly lauded the corrosive role the USA plays in destroying traditions across the world, as the primary means in weakening a people to the point that they inexorably succumb to the syphilitic embrace of liberal-democracy. Peters states that the USA will never leave the world in peace until all have become infected with what he calls a ‘toxic’ culture. [10] 
So it is predictable that when a banal anarcho-punk group called ‘Pussy Riot’ conducted a Black Mass type stunt in an Orthodox church, ‘praying’ to Mary for the ouster of Putin, and were arrested for this affront, Freedom House, and the U.S. State Department were among those that stomped their outrage. They also shed tears over the blast that rocked Charlie Hebdo in Paris, [11] a banal neo-Jacobin satirical magazine that gloried in the most depraved blasphemies against both Jesus and Mohammed, while showing their affiliations with pictures of the All-seeing eye symbols of the Grand Orient de France. [12] Pussy Riot and Charlie Hebdo epitomise the character of culture in this epoch; the best that liberal democracy can offer in the arts and literature, and it is demanded that the entire world is infected and grateful for it – or else the bombs start flying… 
The success of culture-subversion was a scenario that had been played out in Czechoslovakia with U.S. support for the inane ‘Plastic People of the Universe’, around which was cultivated a dissident underground that was a notable factor in pushing the collapse of the Soviet bloc. From this emerged Vaclav Havel and the Charter 77 organisation. Soros relates that he had funded Charter 77 since 1981.
The movement ‘sprung into operation inside Czechoslovakia armed like Pallas Athena’, in 1989. Soros hastened to the country, and with Charter founder F. Janouch, set up committees in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, and ‘I put $1 million at their disposal’. He then began paying the staff of the Civic Forum party and the newspaper Lidove Noviny by currency speculation. Soros states that together with Prince Kari Schwarzenberg, a supporter of the Charter 77 Foundation, and acting President Marian Calfa, ‘we all agreed that it was imperative to have Vaclav Havel elected president by the current rubber-stamp parliament’. [13] Like Gorbachev, [14] Havel joined the ranks of the rich and powerful and was feted by the globalists. [15] In 2004 he received the American Friends of the Czech Republic (AFCR) ‘Civil Society Vision Award’, and was on the occasion eulogised by Carl Gershman, founding President of the National Endowment for Democracy, whose tentacles across the world are about as long and poisonous as those of the Soros foundations. 
Hence, the globalists were quick to defend Pussy Riot for an antic that would in normal times be regarded as exhibitionism and a severe symptom of mental illness.  Freedom House promptly condemned the jailing of several Pussy Riot members for their performance. [16] Freedom House board members have included such paragons of liberty as Russophobic neocons Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Jean Kirkpatrick, and Zbigniew Brzezinski. 
In 2013, amidst the contrived international furore, the Congressionally-funded National Endowment for Democracy sponsored a symposium on the arts as a method of dissent in Russia, entitled ‘Enemies of the State: Pussy Riot and the New Russian Protest Rock’. [17]
Again we see the Cold War strategy of culture subversion at work, and in many ways NED took over the role of the CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom. Another common element was that both were maintained largely by Trotskyites who never could forgive the Russians for rejecting Trotsky. 
The Pussy Riot support campaign was co-ordinated in Finland by Oksana Chelysheva, ‘a member of the board of the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum, a member of the Steering Committee of the Soros-funded EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, [18] and Deputy Executive Director of the Helsinki-based Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, which was banned in Russia under the country’s draconious “anti-extremism” legislation’. [19] It is strange how such ‘rebels’ often if not usually seem to have the support of oligarchs and their fronts. 
Given that the Freedom House board of directors largely comprises heads of global corporations, and that the present chairman, D. Jeffrey Hirschberg, has a background in organising U.S. investments in Russia in partnership with the U.S. Government, [20] one might ask whether the ideal of ‘freedom’ is a euphemism for the freedom of predatory international capital? The ‘freedom’ they, and their multitudinous allies across the world, espouse is the ‘freedom’ to walk over a cliff and into an abyss of pestilence. 
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