„Greater Albania” – project against Albanians?


The 106th Anniversary of Albanian independence should remind us, that states and even nations - were created during the last Century by the superpowers just for their utilitarian goals, interests and benefits.

After all, even at the end of the 19th Century - most of the Albanians considered themselves simply as ... Turks/Ottomans, they were subjects of the Padishahs, wild but faithful. However, just a little effort was needed - first realised by the British (and the French, traditionally managing orders from London), then organised by Habsburgs - to invent the Albanian nation first, and then gave it its own state, in addition, immediately strengthened by a quasi-nationalist ethos. It is true that Albanians are a specific people, one of the oldest in Europe. But at the same time, however, even now they have more attributes of some other similar groups, based on a clan structure (and for truth – with closer connection to some elements of the “Tradition Primordiale”), alive before the era of ethnogenesis - not only the Nineteenth-Century one. "Albanian National Revival" (Rilindja Kombëtare), carried out since the 1870s - was an imported mechanism, using truly existing local specificities for a completely factitious project, consisting in the combination of peasant (or highland) separateness with masonic intelligence and Western money. And we know more such constructs – in the same way there were invented “Lithuanity” and “Ukrainity” as nationalities, and several honest farmers-Balts were straight forced to be “Latvians”. But the history of the League of Prizren is one of the most significant examples (because one of the very first) how this enormous social/ethnic engineering process was prepared, which has permanently changed the shape of Europe, and with that also the whole World. 

Especially important was a position of the Catholic Church in inventing Albania, and particularly the Greater Albania. Catholic priests (particularly the Franciscans) who worked for Vienna and the Vatican, spread among the Albanians the vision of a regional power - of course against local Orthodox Slavs. To make it stranger, the hero of this new Albanian identity was established ... Serbian, Skanderbeg... So, giving nationality and state to the originally Muslim clans was purely task-oriented: first, to organize in the Balkans some British projects, then Austro-Hungarian one, after that – Italian, and at least American. In all of them – the Greater Albania was/is to serve to the superpowers, but for sure not for the ordinary Albanians!

And what a lesson come from that history to us, other Central-Europeans? Most of all – do not affect with all these independences lavishly given the Century before, especially in 1918. That was political Black Friday, false promotion, just for casual interests, with knowledge, that all these states become at the end only the toys of the Great Financière, on a leash held by the superpowers. The Balkans were only a training ground for processes completed over the next years in the entire central belt of the Continent. The goal of that changes was to anihilate traditional empires - including Turkish ones (used until then, however, in this moment of history just bothered). As we know, Turkey saved itself thanks to narrow, nationalist, Kemalist project, however, the rest of the Turkish and theTurkicizatedpeoples were forsaken by the Western Imperialists and their successors, the Globalists (and the majority of Central- and Eastern Europeans, including Slavs, shared this fate, with important exception of Russians). 

From this, from the current situation of the Albanian jubilarian, the second lesson follows. Theoretically, this nation is a beneficiary of the last Balkans Wars. Albanians has got another puppet-state, Kosovo, in line to be captured there is Macedonia, they are used for strengthening the pressure against Serbia and Montenegro, and even Greece. The legend of the Greater Albania is still alive, under a patronage of not only Skanderbeg, but also Mother Theresa(also not Albanian, but Vlach). But this 106-years-old state is much more theoretic, than in 1912. Country is governed by American ambassadors and military commanders, captured by international Islamic terrorists. The national pride, stimulated by conflicts with all neighbours – is just a smoke screen, to hide internal humiliation of proud highlanders. Actually, the only period of history that Albanians can really think of as their National Awakening - remains the communist, Enver Hoxha’s regime.

The 106-year-old Albanian independence experiment must be considered unsuccessful. Today, the optimal for this people would probably be ... a return to the Ottomanism (Osmanismus)[i]. The history would round - the Albanians invented by the West would be Ottomans again, and Washington would fail where London, Vienna, the Vatican and Rome once triumphed. What I wish honesty to my Albanian friends - maybe it would be a pattern that could be repeated again in all our part of the World…

[i]All interested in the issues of Albanian identity, its connections with Neo-Osmanism, as well as the riddle of the nationality of Skandebeg and Mother Teresa - I encourage to get know the works of one of the most interesting modern contemporary Albanian political writers, Dr. Olsi Yazeji.