Hegemony and the Terror Attack in Saint Petersburg

The Role of the Sixth Column

The structure of today’s world is simple. There is one - still one - dominant pole: the Swamp, the globalist elite, the liberal transnational core. It acts through: 

  1. liberal and left-liberal networks (in politics, the economy, culture, technology, education, art),
  2. the American war machine and large American monopolies,
  3. the historical, economic, political, technological, and intellectual - epistemological - inertia of the last three centuries of European Modernity (including modernization and colonization). 

Gramsci called this phenomenon “hegemony”. He who stands on the position of globalization concludes an “historic pact” with the global elite, therein accepting their rightness and their rules of the game.

The liberal network and Atlanticist lobby (which are almost one and the same) are present in all countries of the world. And practically everywhere this network consists of two segments equally loyal to hegemony - the fifth and sixth columns. 

The fifth column promotes hegemony openly, challenging all societies in which liberalism does not yet completely dominate, while the sixth column acts from within governments and the political elites of societies, corrupting them and profiting from, on the one hand, the promotion of hegemony, and on the other, the use of its own positions in semi-isolated countries that are resisting and partially independent from the global elite. 

Today the Swamp also has extreme instruments to which it is increasingly resorting. These extreme elements of transnational, liberal globalism are:

  • left extremists, anarchists, and ultra-liberals who challenge any form of order,
  • Islamic extremists of all stripes (first and foremost Wahhabis and Salafists),
  • neo-Nazi chauvinist groups of perverse xenophobes.

This rabble comprises the foundation of the fifth column and directly attacks still (albeit relatively) sovereign states. The sixth column always plays along with them from the inside.

In his election campaign, Trump opposed the globalists’ structures, which he dubbed the Swamp, with the institutions of American order. The Swamp, today often called the Deep State, could not stop Trump, but has so far quite successfully blocked him in not allowing him to pursue his foreign policy line nor his domestic policies (for example, by resisting the repeal of Obamacare). The example of Trump shows that even the US President can become the target of aggression, persecution, and demonization by hegemony (the Swamp).

It is no coincidence that Trump’s relation to Russia, which the press has not ceased going on about, stands at the center of American politics. The demonization of Russia serves to criminalize the principle of sovereignty as such. Putin and Russia = sovereignty. Globalism does not recognize sovereignty. Therefore, it is important for the Swamp to shake Trump, to instill in him a sense of guilt for anything related to Russians. A new wave of attacks on Russians themselves is ongoing in parallel. The terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg is one of the elements of this strategy of the global Swamp, as is the deterioration of the situation in Donbass.

It is not so important who perpetrated the terrorist attack in the Saint Petersburg metro. Easiest of all is recruiting an Islamist migrant for this purpose. All the social, ideological, and technical preconditions for this - including banned ISIS bases in Russia - have been created. But the perpetrator never acts alone. What could ISIS even achieve with this terrorist attack in Russia? Nothing. Therefore, they cannot be the ones behind this.

The terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg is the work of hegemony. The sixth column, fifth column, global liberal networks, and American intelligence - all of them are equally complicit in this crime. This is not the first, and it is not the last. 

Today many are disappointed with Trump. But one does not need to be enchanted to not be disappointed. Trump is a colossal victory for counter-hegemony. His election has allowed the ins and outs of the global system to be seen. The Swamp is not the same as the United States, as the American people have chosen a president who is going into the White House under the slogan of fighting the Swamp. This in itself is no small deal. But Trump is a hostage of hegemony, i.e., his own sixth column - his inner circle, the apparatus, almost the entire American elite. Now hegemony has ganged up on Russia and Putin, on us, no less than on Trump.

Of course, there is a sixth column in Russia. And it is not Navalny, who is classic fifth column. The kids surrounding him are the products of the education, upbringing, and culture that is in the hands of the sixth column. The sixth column is outwardly loyal to Putin; it is they who prepared the “they’re just kids” saying.

The sixth column does not go out to a square or blow itself up in a metro. But it is the sixth column - as part of the globalist liberal network - that bears the main responsibility for this, insofar as none other than the sixth column creates the prerequisites, the starting conditions for this. Russia is stubbornly resisting the stranglehold of globalization. And we are suffering and paying for this with the lives of our people and our loved ones in Saint Petersburg and Donbass. It is increasingly clear that choosing one’s camp is not just a matter of posturing. There is something deeply religious in this, akin to renouncing Satan or serving him. 

Translated by Jafe Arnold