During the current standoff, Indian media has gone into overdrive against China. Indian media along with political leadership, veterans, intellectuals and opinion makers have coined a sophisticated assault on China through eight narratives tabulated below:
  • Chinese military incursions are one sided.
  • Taking a cue from US Secretary of State Pompeo, Indian media has also started segregating Chinese people from Chinese leadership, this sounds familiar as same ploy was used by US against Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and even Iran.
  • India is trying to woe the states on periphery of China, especially around South China Sea.
  • The banning of Chinese goods and applications are being promulgates as Modi’s Digital Strike against China, Huawei is being stigmatized through absurd logic of ‘Clean’ and ‘Unclean’ technology. 
  • Despite Chinese transparency and help extended to entire globe against Covid 19, India is echoing the narrative driven by the west.
  • Indian media is also trying to build a fake narrative on Hong Kong and Tibet.
  • The countries joining Chinese Belt and Road and CPEC in initiatives are being reminded of Chinese debt trap.
  • Since Indian loss of face in Ladakh is being discussed by South Asian nations like Pakistan and Nepal, Indian media is portraying them as paid stooges of China.  
Signaling to Indo Pacific allies:
India has been seeking Indo Pacific alliance, which not only threatens China but also goes against the spirit of SCO and Eurasian dream. While India desires that no regional country on her periphery should forms any block, she is posing herself as Asia Pivot to affect strategic interests of countries like China, Pakistan and even Russian Federation. 
In Quad, other than India, all are extra regional nations, who have directly or indirectly colonized other nations in the past. Why India, a formal British colony, would bandwagon with colonial masters of the past.
Why Indian narrative is a smoke screen:
In Feb 2019, after Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter Jets and captured a pilot, Indian media and politico military leadership resorted to same damage control that we witness after Ladakh blunder. An impression is being created that Indian military had done a tremendous job. International community has realized that most of Indian media is doing an absurd propaganda, we labeled it as ‘Republic of Absurdity’.
In a recent video, Arnab Goswami of Republic TV came up with the same logic of ‘Digital Strike’ which has surprised and paralyzed China. International media was quick to pick up the ‘Digital strike’ mantra and made fun of it.
Indian media exploiting its connection with the western media:
Indian media has found an eager support from her western partners and is trying to build a narrative of a coalition of willing nations who will corner China, militarily and economically. Our assessment is that it is part of the Western hybrid war against China and India is the new Kid on the Block.
Other side of the story that is not being discussed in Indian Media:
As highlighted by Global times on 6 Jul, China has not changed the status quo. Beijing has strictly abided by the agreements reached with New Delhi. It was the Indian troops that severely departed from the consensus, crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC), provoked and attacked Chinese soldiers. Even Modi said that China did not enter Indian territory.
We had previously highlighted that India has a historical and consistent record of bad behaviour and creating border disputes with all its neighbors. India absorbed Hyderabad Deccan, Sikkim, Goa and Junagarh. It illegally occupies part of Jammu and Kashmir and Nagaland. It has fought wars with Pakistan and China and militarily intervened in Sri Lanka and Maldives. India has also stationed permanent forces in Bhutan, and has water disputes with Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.
The Indian Army is demoralized and there is a growing call for Rajnath Singh, Ajit Doval, CDS, Army Chief, Commander Northern Command and Commander 14 Corps to step down, as they not only slept on the standoff but also failed to manage the military situation.
Modi’s government is pushed by RSS hawks and abrogation of Article 35A and 370 has created suspicion in China and Pakistan about Indian intentions in Aksai Chin and adjoining part of Kashmir. India directly threatened to attack Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, thus threatening CPEC and Chinese vital interests in Pakistan.
We leave it to the readers to draw their conclusions about who is threatening the regional peace.