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This week the Balkan School of Geopolitics is being completed. Philosopher Alexander Dugin gives lectures on Noomachy (it is also a cycle of texts...

The title of Noomakhia, which literally means “war of the mind” (Noomachy) [4] – and which can also be conceived of as “war within the mind”, “war of...

Lecture 1. The introduction.

1. European civilization is based on the titanomachia. Its center is problem of Dionysus. 2. When we define Dionysus as Sun and male principle we...

Humans unjustly occupy fifty per cent of ontology; objects must be brought back to the forefront. This demand is a central part of the philosophical...

1. Existential space and its classes. Big and small existential spaces. The linguistic factor. Language as house of being. 2. Biggest existential...

The Modernity as paradigmatic phenomenon.

That is the moment of Dionysus. The vine and the wheat. Short circuit.

Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 3. Logos of Indo-european civilization

1. Geosophy is the field of application of Noology (the Noomahia principle) to the study of cultures, peoples and civilizations. Its is deepest level...

Heidegger distinguishes the Untergang from those who realize themselves in it and see it for what it truly is – the Untergang.

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