Italy is becoming a real laboratory for sovereignism


Although in extra times, the Five Star Movement and the Lega have found the agreement for the formation of a political government; this determines an essential turning point: it's the first real victory for the sovereign forces. First of all, against Europe: in an European Union that, after all, had managed to ensure its own equilibria even in presence of anti-European and Eurosceptic forces, a "sovereign" Italy now arrives, led by an alliance between the two main "national-popular" forces. Elsewhere, we had defeats: despite the good electoral result of Le Pen, Macron's France prevailed, as well as in Germany, despite the nationalist exploit, the system has regrouped in the two traditional parties.
Here, the italian novelty: the «system» failed to regroup, to absorb and neutralize the oppositions that crossed it. Of course, everybody tried in every way:  Berlusconi thinking of a center-right government that would have found the support of those so-called "responsible" in the Parliament, the Democratic Party hoping for the President's government, Mattarella with his questionable hypothesis of a "neutral government". But in the end, Lega and Five Star Movement won: they're going to govern, together, after Berlusconi's step aside. As it was since the beginning in the "nature of things," an old jusnaturalist would have said.
But the turning point is not given only by the recovery of sovereignty towards the outside, towards Europe.  It is also a turning point in the country, which brings together - perhaps for the first time in many years - the North and the South. Why? But it's obvious. The North, where the League triumphed, allied with the South where the Five Star Movement won. And, once won this fourth war of independence, now the Italians will finally be made? The question is imperative because we can't know how things will end up. Certainly, however, Italy turns out to be the new policy lab of "sovereignism", the first European country where "sovereignism" has had an electoral success and has imposed itself against the old system, which this time seems really to be on the edge of a definitively collapse.
But the journey is only at the beginning. Now we need to build an adequate team, with a serious program based on the defense of the national interest.

Translator: Donato Mancuso