Men Hunt in Serbia


 Lesbo-feminist lobby has been conducting men hunt for years, or more precisely, decades. But, in the last couple of months, it is intensified and it became a public matter and it is with very evil intentions. Their projected goal is: total humiliation of men and traditional family.

As Serbia has been occupied since October 5th 2000 and became Western colony due to the traitors from state apparatus and traitors from NGO sector paid and brainwashed, it also became very hard for average people to live. Apart of falsifying history and other school books by German, Slovenian and Croat publishing houses (Klett, Novi logos, etc), whose aim is to humiliate Serbian people and state, the lesbo-feminist lobby gradually gets more and more important role in society.

Now, Serbia has lesbian PM, who openly stands for for Sorosoid open society – at the same time, IT is the citizen of Croatia. So, double sickness is served to the majority of Serbian people and its culture and Orthodox Christian tradition. And, where is democracy in all that? There are only many minorities recruited and paid by Atlantist camp, which still can not form majority, but anyway they try, even by force, to change the being of Serbian people. That force is not physical force, but legal force, projected and set up earlier. After the coup in 2000, Anglo-American occupation and its EU slaves firstly occupied security services and defence sector – to revenge for the spectacular NATO military defeat in 1999, in the year of NATO’s 50th anniversary. Afterwards security and defence system, the legal system of Serbia was on their agenda, and still is.

The normalization of the cowardish culture began, the normalization of sodomy, political correctness and other deranged values of the sick West. The humiliation of men and manhood started. The men has been (and still are) accused for various forms of “domestic violence”, the women’s stories are believed by police and social services unconditionally and without check. Women misuse that fact in most cases – also, in many case, it is exactly lesbo-feminist lobby which recruited its sick and deranged representatives into police forces or social services who persuade women into accusation of men. Then, so-called “safe houses” for women who suffered so-called domestic violence were formed and women there were sent selectively – only those who can become the slaves and propagators of feminism and sodomy, or those who can be involved into prostitution conducted by lesbo-feminist lobby.

Then, the stories on paedophilia or raping under-age girls started – again, the main accused are men, either from families of girls or random Serbian men. At the same time the sex crimes done by illegal migrants are being covered by the same lesbo-feminist lobby which serves to globalists’ clan. This organized campaign does not mean that there are not some sick individuals in society, but lesbo-feminist lobby is very well-known for misconduct, for various forms of propaganda – but, lesbo-feminists always try to make general rule out of some single event. If some psychiatrists are asked, they would say (but not publicly) that most of lesbians and feminists themselves suffered some very strange and sick things from their own families or from their closest people and they have need to revenge to anyone. They do not go to psycho-therapists or to doctors as they suggest to many women, but instead of going to cure themselves or to report their own family members who violated them, they are trying to impose personal problems as social problems. Most of the lesbians, feminists and other women’s rights propagandists are extremely psychologically and socially deranged. Instead of solving own sick issues, they proclaim entire society sick. This is one of the examples how minority molest majority, by kidnapping legal and social system of the country.

Now, during the intensive and brainwashing public campaign for adopting the law on same sex marriages and other accompanying sicknesses, disguised as legal or social norms, another forms of psy-ops are run. And, to make long story short: a famous drama teacher who has been running a private school for acting for 40 years is accused by his ex female students for raping (one of the girls accused him that he raped her seven times, another one accused him of raping her every Tuesday for years; the one who accused him of raping her seven times even brought her younger sister to the school to be a student of her “rapist”). Orchestrated media/police/court/social service campaign prejudged the drama teacher even before trial began. The man mentioned is something like 70, his school is well known by schooling the most famous Serbian actors and actresses. Also, it is well-known that every class in his school starts with the Orthodox prayer, it is also well-known that no parents have complained for decades, it is also well-known that his wife is respectable professor at Faculty for Drama Arts (part of state owned University of Arts).

Orchestrated campaign has been run for months, the respectable drama arts teacher is in jail, the trial did not even begin yet. It also appears that there is a deeper story behind all this.

The main accuser of the respectable drama arts teacher (Mr. Aleksić) is Serbian actress, Milena Radulović, now very well known in Russia. She is the spoiled daughter of a wealthy car dealer from Serbia who was in very good family relations with her ex drama arts teacher and his wife. It is also very well-known that many children from tycoons’ families are very spoiled and full of vanity. Milena’s disrespect and need to revenge to her ex-teacher started when he told her that he had found her acting lousy in the film “Balkan Border”. She was not able to bear the critic by the person who gave her lots of skills and knowledge and who, at the same time was not silent, both about her failure and his own as a teacher.

It also appeared that other girls who accused their ex-teacher are from the same camp. It further appeared that they are all connected to Serbian actor and film producer (Dragan Bjelogrlić), who was not very happy with the drama art teacher Aleksić, because of, at least two things: because Bjelogrlić started his own drama arts school and Aleksić’s renowned school was competition to his school; also, Mr Aleksić was rejected many times for fundings by Film Centre of Serbia (then headed by Bjelogrlić) to make a film about famous Serbian poet Desanka Maksimović – and, this is because Film Centre of Serbia is full of EU lobbyists (Dragan Bjelogrlić, Nikola Kojo, Nikola Djuričko, etc..) and free masons (Miki Manojlović), who get money from EU funds and are obliged to make films only in accordance with EU ideology, which is, again, ideology of their Anglo-American bosses. If someone thinks EU is free and free to decide for the benefit of own citizens, he or she is delusional. Or, that free masons are free, he or she is even more delusional.

What is also interesting that Dragan Bjelogrlić will be financing the project about entire set up – the actress, Milena Radulović will probably play herself, in the series named “ Učitelj” (Teacher/Tutor). But, there are no news about who will play the teacher (the real teacher is still in jail, with no particular reason and his health was not very good, even before prison). Would be interesting to know is there some EU funds or some other Western appanage involved.

It would be also interesting to know is it maybe about ruining any respectable institution, group, school, or anything, which firmly does support Serbian tradition and culture and it does not involve in any brainwashing or social engineering activities in trying to convert Serbian people to what it is not. By closing such kind of school, which exists for almost 40 years and all the classes with students starts with the prayer, teaches students to be moral and normal people, points out the importance of physical activity and physical health, and of course, teaches them drama arts. Would be lucrative for certain circles to wipe out such a school and to stop that kind of people being well-known and respected and, therefore can influence public opinion. This kind of influence to public opinion, Western silent occupation does not want. Peace treaty after 1999 war is still not signed, and Western globalist apparatus in Serbia is using that state of affairs to impose as many as possible of globalists “values” into Serbian society.

And, a few months after launching this “sad story” about “raped actresses”, some other voices started to be heard. After several months of silence, the wife of renown drama arts teacher, professor at Faculty of Drama Arts, appeared in media – defending her husband and pointing at many illogical and very insane parts of the entire story. Then, several young present students of Mr Aleksić appeared in media claiming that whatever was imposed, launched, whatever campaign is started – it does not have any sense. The “facts” are not facts, the stories do not match with anything that really happened in the school. The youngsters and their parents stood up against fake story. And more and more information appear that the entire show was staged – which is not problem for actors, directors and producers.

One of the young students (Kruna Mitrović) said that when, on January 16th, she saw in Instagram that Mr Aleksić had been arrested and accused for raping his ex students, she immediately went to the nearest police station to give a statement. The policemen were kind to her and drove her with police car to the city police to give a statement. But, when the officers there realized she is not there to accuse Mr Aleksić for raping, but to defend him and to say that the story about raping can not be real, they told here to go and that they do not need this kind of witnesses in that moment. Kruna Mitrović also added that Milena Radulović blocked all three of them in Instagram, at the end of April, probably when she saw their interview for one Serbian daily tabloid, in which they denied all the accusations made by several ex students, some anonymous, some with names.

Why all this can be interested in Russia?

We find that Milena Radulović might be the Troyan horse which should induce the bad relations between the two countries. As well as Miloš Biković, who unconditionally supported the “raped girls”. It might also appear that Miloš Biković is misused and taken advantage of, as many others in this circus, headed and conducted by EU lobbyists and lesbo-feminist camp.

We find that Milena Radulović is brainless actress and spoiled child of a Serbian tycoon and that her power and public reputation do not come out of her acting skills (which her respectable drama arts teacher also confirmed). We also find that the circles in Russia that Milena Radulović is connected with the same anti-Serbian (or, in Russia, anti-Russian), pro-Western circles. We have reasonable doubts that lesbo-feminist circles from Serbia may be recruiting actors and actresses to the film industry in Russia and try to strengthen its positions in Russia, via brainless or recruited Serbian actors and actresses. It might be presumed that Miloš Biković, Serbian male actor was manipulated and misused to support lesbo-feminist foot soldiers, Milena Radulović, Iva Ilinčić and some other poor and naive (or rotten and cunning) quasi-actresses. We think that Russian artistic circles should take more care who they promote and support. We find that this person, Milena Radulović, and her connections in Russia may be well used by Russian services to trace, locate and uncover hidden fundings or hidden organizations which promote sodomy, feminism and other kind of social sicknesses as normality.

We hope that Russia will understand that Serbia is always a vanguard and testing field of what West wants to do in Russia. Now, this may spread to entire Orthodox world or, even to entire Eurasia, which appears to be counter-power to declining West. The Western shaped film industry is very powerful tool in achieving Western geopolitical goals.