New World Even Braver

It is even braver we have ever dreamed about…

That is significant that the so-called fight against the pandemic does not affect any subsequent points of the current progressive agenda but is actually used to strengthen them. And this is expressed not only by the fact that in some manifestations the probability of infecting by coronavirus is 100, and in others always 0 percent. From the most practical side - there are fencing and closing of kilometres of streets in the cities of the West. No, this time not for (?) cyclists and buses, but of course “due to the plague”. To allow life-saving two-meter social-distance between pedestrians, and to help them queue up to the stores…

What's next? Well, the relationship between COVID-19 and meat consumption is probably not even worth mentioning, this is another thing completely scientifically proven. One could even discover that coronavirus grows due to the burning of coal and the use of diesel - but that should be obvious as well. Concluding - we are to have the World organized progressively, without motorization, meatless, with mandatory vaccinations, with 5G technology absolutely necessary to transfer almost the entire non-productive part of the economy to virtual and depending only on virtual money. And everything ONLY for our health and ONLY because of the pandemic. Excuse me, but would not it remind you something?

I do not know if anyone had it invented from the beginning, or just skilfully uses the mechanism that worked. Certainly, however, all those who have announced the cancellation or at least the delay of the arrival of the Brave New World - can now open their eyes.

We are at the gates. With foot on the doorstep.

What Did We Need Vampires For?

And why was there no resistance? The reception that is because of fear - is only half the answer. What is the internal source of this fear and such great receptivity to it? Indeed, it turns out (not for the first time in the history of mankind, although in fact with unprecedented intensity) that societies, especially satiated and not threatened directly by war - do not want to live without fear. That means, they say they want, but it is obviously not true. As it turns out, man cannot exist without this anxiety, the thrill that once was provided to humanity by vampires and werewolves.

Hence all those ozone holes, greenhouse effects, epi- and pandemics, terrorism... The Western World rejects and refuses to acknowledge that with all its injustices and internal decay factors - it lives in a zone (geographical and temporal) of relative comfort, which goes beyond all that was previously obtained in history. It wants, therefore, even demands a story, that this is only a delusion, that the enemy and final defeat are just around the corner - and of course everyone is looking for them not behind those corners from which real threats can really come. The World also wants to feel that does not get it all for nothing, for free, we want stories how much we have to sacrifice to keep this comfort. However, man commonly confuses sacrifices with some everyday absurd mini-complications, suitable just to give an alibi: “Just look how we [that means you too, there is no chance you don't want to!] sacrifice ourselves for the climate / fight the disease / defeat terrorism!”. 

Humanity at the same time feels that lives in the Matrix and creates it to itself to relieve human decadent, declining anxiety that all this must blow up. So, stories about “the climatic end of the World in 10 years” or “Coronavirus Red Death” - are only an echo, a precognition of a catastrophe. And how echo usually does - it confuses us from where it comes ...

Trainers of the Progress Train

And more precisely - it comes, like Lev Bronstein’s revolutionary armoured train. Let's take a single example, one of many today having the rank of a symbol. Here is David Starkey - British historian, author of widely read works about the time of the Tudors (consultant of the famous series), deservingly called the "rudest man in Britain”, in fact a screamer, aggressor, noisy enemy of God and demonstratively gay - stopped be a favourite of the liberal salon. In some TV-discussion about BLM, he screamed irritably: “Slavery was not genocide otherwise there wouldn't be so many damn blacks in Africa or Britain would there? An awful lot of them survived”. He also insisted that “As for the idea that slavery is this kind of terrible disease that dare not speak its name, it only dares not speak its name, Darren, because we settled it nearly 200 years ago”. As a result, almost the entire UK political, media and scientific establishment deals with condemning these statements.

Well, in the current situation of the West, the only surprising thig is, that Starkey has survived so long with his views. But why we should point on this example?  Because this is another time when the new revolutionary-awareness wave crashes the heroes of previous tides. Just as feminists defend themselves against gendrist today - so militant gay and anti-clerical fall from the train of progress, thrown out by the conductor of anti-racism!

Previous doctrines have done their job, now it is time to strengthen the message of uprooting and practice not only of new nations but also of New Humanity. Monocoloured, uni- because pansexual, monoideological, and as a result, uniformly managed. And the funniest thing is that this process is much more ... racist than some old areseling’s detailement.  After all, black pride will probably not be allowed in the same way as white oneAnd this whole olive-coloured World (without any pride or dignity) will work as dogs in one big, happy global corporation. On the other hand, the fact that, as usual, the revolution devours its own children – does not mean that we should be particularly sorry for them...

All these processes should be treated together, due to the fairly evident common genesis, methods used, and the purpose to which they lead us: from macroeconomics - to the functioning of the household, from our streets - to our beds and tables, through our work - to every remaining minute of life and its fulfilment, every variation of pressure, duty and pleasure in even the smallest aspect regulated and cut according to the current model only.

One Standard. One ideology. One race. One transgender. Universal organization. Total invigilation. And one over all of this is CorpoSuperPower. Welcome to the New World.

It is even braver we have ever dreamed about…