Our epistemological war


My Italien friend from academic system has sent me extremely important remarks on how censorship, deplatforming and cancel culture are implemented in the global educational system in philosophical field.

Here is the translation of his very opportune observations:

  1. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of Hegel and propaganda of Schopenhauer.
  2. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of scientific/historical  linguistic (F.Saussure G.Devoto) and the propaganda of analytical language (Russel, Chomsky, Kim).
  3. Submission of philosophy to psychology with analytical approach and hard censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of all that decline from this road.
  4. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of political Platonism.
  5. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of empiricism and absolute rule of rationalism.
  6. All kinds of idealism and historicism are censored.
  7. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of semiotics, of gnoseology and exclusive  propaganda of analytical philosophy and its psychological epistemologies.
  8. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of dialectical logic and exclusive propaganda of biunivocal logic.
  9. Marginalizing and destroying all approach to positive social sciences (Frazer, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, De Martino, Eliade) and propaganda of the medicalization and psychologization of thought (with individual always in center)… The only admitted human science accepted by regime is “cultural anthropology (a-structural and a-historic).
  10. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) and liquidation of all structuralism, historicism and understanding of idea s phenomenon of the thought with historical and social basis, and propaganda of the epistemology of a-historical and a-structural analytical psychology and the only accepted philosophy should be its maidservant.
  11. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of phenomenology.
  12. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of correlation between evolution of thought and the history of art, on one hand, and of different cultures and places with account of their evolution in time.
  13. Radical authoritarian imposition of models based on a-historic and a-structural psychologization in all form of culture and  society with subjacent philosophy as its maidservant. Totalitarian expulsion and hard censorship of all critics and immediate delegitimization of alternative perspectives (pure totalitarian attitude)…
  14. Censorship (deplatforming, cancelling) of all possible correletions between ideas, histories, social structures, geographical spaces and historical temporality… Only the individual of analytical philosophy is admitted.

It is incredibly precise description of totalitarian essence of globalist liberal epistemology. I recognize in this list – in the censored part of course – all my books, lectures, texts, courses and conferences. In more than 60 books I have written I have consequently defended and developed:

  1.  Traditionalist “idealism” - hyper-idealism, culminating in the theory of Radical Subject.
  2. Political Platonism.
  3. Structuralism of all kind.
  4.  Independence of philosophy from perverted individualist and materialist psychology with parallel defense of phenomenological psychology and psychology of depth (with particular attention to Gilbert Durand).
  5.  Semiotics and semantics (V.Propp, A.Greimas)
  6.  Sociology of Durkheim, Simmel, Scheler and Sombart (with particular attention to Dumezil and Louis Dumont).
  7. Dialectical logic based on rhetorical approach to the consciousness.
  8.  Phenomenology applied to the maximal extent of scientific fields and subjects – cultures, peoples, societies, civilizations.
  9.  Comparative (anti-hierarchical) analysis of civilizations accepting pluralism of their ontologies, “spacialities” and temporalities.

I can mention as well

  1. Radical defense and attentive rereading  of Heidegger.
  2. Positive reevaluation of Aristotle.
  3. Defense of all kinds of Neoplatonism from Plotinus and Proclus to Areopagitica, John Scott Eriugena, Dietrich von Freiberg, Eckhart, Paracelsus, Bohme and Russian Religious Philosophy (Sophiology).
  4. Eurasian geopolitics (the primordiality of structure – Earth element on Schmittian interpretation)
  5. Rehabilitation of theologies and religions against atheism.

I simply disdain analytical philosophy and rational positivism and consider materialism individualism and analytical approach to the consciousness as forms of mental disease.

I think it is enough to understand why I am called by them “most dangerous philosopher of the world”. And that explains perfectly all cancellings, deplatformings, demonizations, marginalizations, caricaturizations, criminalizations and so on I am victim of.

That is what is epistemological warfare.

The globalists will lose. Their educational system should be totally overthrown and destroyed. What they promote is pure mental poison. But to deplore the fact is not enough. We should rise up, resist, revolt and fight for each millimeter of epistemological space.