RACE: A Biological Reality


Race is a biological reality; this is a fundamental truth. If you believe otherwise, then you need not continue reading because the entirety of the proceeding text is based firmly and inseparably on this one truth alone. Indeed, everything emanates from Race, without Race there can benothing. Race creates culture, ethnic identity, society, nationality, economy. Race defines a people’s spirituality and religious inclinations. It even shapes and determines the kind of environment a people will ultimately inhabit and molds a people’s national consciousness in either an urban or rural direction, toward thalassocracy or tellurocracy, traditionalism or cosmopolitanism. In other words, Race is the ultimate existential begetter, not the begotten. It is the exclusive Ideal and Archetype, not the quantitative sum total. Race is Blood, Memory and Soil. The reality of Race, and thus racial differences, comprises the immutable and unconditional foundation of the organic revolutionary-conservative worldview. Not in generations, but over the course of eons have the unseen forces of Natural Selection influenced the races of man in their respective physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traits.

The three primary (unmixed) races of mankind are: the White(commonly yet incorrectly called “Caucasian”), the Mongoloid (native to East Asia), and the Negroid (native to sub-Saharan African). These are further subdivided into a series of subgroups or types into which every individual on earth can be placed rather accurately. In any case, the degree to which the various racial subgroups and nationalities deviate from any of the three original racial sources also marks the degree to which intermixture (between any or all of the three groups) has occurred. I will now provide a very brief and general description of the three primary racial groups.

   Those belonging to the Mongoloid race are significantly broad-headed or “brachycephalic,” they are either yellowish or brown in skin tone, with straight dark hair (sometimes curly in the case of Polynesians), and they possess a noticeable epicanthic fold or “slanted eyes” as most Westerners would say. Although a number of scholars have hypothesized the existence of a brown-skinned “Malay” race which is allegedly separate from the Mongoloid, there is no such difference in reality. The Malay is merely a darker variety of Mongoloid, the same way a southern Europeanis but a darker sibling of the northern European, which is to say they still belong to the same race. Amerindians also belong to the Mongoloid group.

The Negroid racial group is a pan-ethnic family which includes these three main stocks: (1) True Negroid, also referred to as “Congoid,” (2) Australoid or Australian Aborigine, and (3) Capoid, named after the Cape of Good Hope where Dutch settlers first encountered them – the so-called “Bushmen” peoples. The principle racial characteristics uniting these three Negroid subgroups are: dark skin colors (ranging from yellow-brown to shiny black), kinky hair texture, thick lips, broad or flat noses, a high rate of alveolar prognathism (or “jutting jaw”), and a tendency toward extreme long-headedness or dolichocephalism. All three of the Negroid subgroups exhibit, unquestionably, the oldest or most primitiveracial features one can find among existing members of the human species.

In comparison to the Black and Yellow races, the White Race is most easily defined by its moderation of type. In other words, Whites (as a whole) are not characterized by any particular extremism in their physicality. For instance, the hair texture of the average White person is intermediate, characterized by cymotrichy – i.e. between the short curly texture of the Negroid and the extreme fineness of the Mongoloid. As for head size, Whites are generally mesocephalic, between the extreme long-headedness (ordolichocephalism) of the Negroid and the extreme broad-headedness (or brachycephalism) of the Mongoloid. The White facial profile is typically straight, with little or no protrusion of the jaws (prognathism). The nose is rarely ever broad when compared to the other races. The ears of most Whites are larger than those of the Mongoloids and Negroids. The bony ridges that surmount the orbits of the eyes are typically larger than those found on either Negroid or Mongoloid skulls. And the bony palate and teeth are usually reduced in size when compared to the others. In all other regards, the various White subgroups can be, amongst themselves, quite diverse.The three main branches of the White race are: the Nordic, the Alpine, and the Mediterranean.These types correspond roughly to the Jarls, Karls and Thralls – the three castes described in the Norse poem,Rigsthula. And indeed, the White subgroupsdiffer as much in their physical features as they do in their temperaments and corresponding creative abilities.

Generally speaking, the Nordics are native to all of Northern Europe, the British Isles and the Baltic littoral. Physically they are tall and long-headed (i.e. dolichocephalic) with a narrow face and thin nose; the jaw is angular and the chin “clear-cut.” The Nordic facial features are thus often described as being “bird-like.” As for skin tone, the Nordic is rosy and fair. The hair texture ranges from smooth and straight to wavy, and its color varies but is most frequently light to dark blond. Eye color is typically light. Historically, the Nordic element has been found predominantly among the aristocratic and warrior elements of essentially all Indo-European cultures. It is no wonder, then, that soon after coming into contact with the warlike Germanic tribes, Roman emperors – who reigned over a highly mixed (some might even say racially depleted) cosmopolitan population – soon began filling their legions with these tall, powerfully built “blond beasts.” In no time at all, the emperors recognized that even the German commoners possessed just as much organizational genius as physical strength. For proof of this, I would refer the reader to Tacitus’s Germania. Needless to say, the Roman upper classes must have known (by way of blood memory) that the Germanic peoples were a purer version of themselves, as all of the surviving marble busts of the pre-imperial patricians conclusively showthat, as a class, their genetic origin was locatednorth of the Alps. And of course, just as sure as history always comes full circle, the Nordic group’s aristocratic and warlike spirit would, after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, sustain and protect European civilization from all Asiatic and African attacks, eventually uplifting the White race to the point of world mastery by the late nineteenth century.

   As to the Alpines, this subgroup is medium to short in stature, stocky, brachycephalic (or “broad-headed”) and brunet in its overall physical makeup, though not typically as brunet as the Mediterranean type. Other typical characteristics include: a short and thick neck; broad and high forehead; brow ridges moderate to very pronounced; nose is broad and fleshy (mesorrhine), sometimes described as “blobby”; cheeks are fleshy, and thus do not usually appear very broad due to the matching and complementary roundness of head shape; jaws are square in thinner-faced types; well-developed chin, either pointed or bilateral; and lips are somewhere between the fullness of the Mediterranean and the thinness of the Nordic. It has also been observed that Alpines tend to have greater beard and body hair than their Mediterranean and Nordic counterparts. Historically, the Alpines have yielded a wide variety of common types from hardy peasants to skilled craftsmen. As for their geographic range, the Alpines are native to the vast middle zone of the European continent, ranging between north-central Italy and north-central Germany, and sweeping across the continent from France to the Ural Mountains, and well into Siberia. As this type progresses eastward across Europe, its geographic range widens. Generally speaking, the Alpine predominates everywhere in Europe except along the shores of the Mediterranean, western Baltic and North seas. The origin of the Alpine subgroup has never been definitively agreed upon by scholars. However, it is probable that they developed out of an older Upper Paleolithic population in Europe, and then proceeded to spread both east and west along the great North Eurasian Plain.

   Regarding the Mediterraneans, they are most commonly found in Europe’s southernmost peninsulas and islands. Specifically, they can be found in Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy, Greece, southern France, and in all the islands of the Sea they are named after. Physically, the Mediterraneans are long-headed, of moderate stature, with a tendency towards a gracile build. Hair color is overwhelmingly brunet and can range in texture from smooth and straight to curly. Eye color is also typically dark, and skin tone can range from considerably fair to olive. The Mediterranean skull is smooth, with small brow ridges and mastoids; the face is either narrow or oval, and the chin pointed. Nose form can vary considerably, ranging from very straight tipped to aquiline. Broad noses are not rare in the Mediterranean region, however the typical Mediterranean nose is somewhat thin with either a straight or convex tip. Historically, the Mediterranean group has played a tremendous role in the ancient civilizations of southern Europe and the Near East.

As for the so-called Dinaric and East Baltic subgroups, popularized in the writings of various anthropologists (such as Hans F. K.Günther), these represent mixtures of the three foundational types. The Dinaric is the result of an Alpine-Mediterranean admixture and the East Baltic is the product of an Alpine-Nordic combination. Thus they cannot be classified appropriately as “main branches” of the White race. Likewise it is ethnically incorrect to describe any of the White branches as being composed exclusively of Teutons, Celts, Slavs, Latins, Greeks, etc. These are not true ethnic groups per se, but Indo-European language families which oncecomprised legitimate nations.

A testament to the biological uniqueness of the White race is its true diversity of color. Constantly the mainstream media projects the blatant falsehood that only non-Whitesare “people of color.” If in fact that were true, then non-Whites would not be limited in their varying degrees of dark skin, darkeyes and darkhair. Whites, on the other hand, possess all shades of skin, eye and hair color excepting, of course, the very dark. For example, White people possess skin tones from ivory and pinkish-white to tannish-white, eye colors ranging from the lightest blue to dark brown, and hair colors from ash-blond to black. These facts notwithstanding, it is the blanket negritude of the earth’s non-White majority that is paradoxically touted by the Western liberal media to be somehow “exotic,” “minority” and thus “most valuable.” Hence, the contemporary liberal Americanmovement known as “Black Lives Matter” – a movement which is inherently and explicitly at odds with the far more honorable belief that all lives matter.

At the same time, it should be understood that although Whitestodaypossess a diverse range of skin tones, this was not always the case. Thousands of years ago, long before the Christian era, the White race was much more uniform in its pigmentation and body structure. The skin was generally lighter and the shape of the head was less broad. We can easily discern these facts by observing the artwork of our ancient ancestors in addition to reading the works of scientists who have studied their physical remains. In this latter regard, scientists have already found conclusive genetic evidence supporting the long-held (though “politically incorrect”) belief that the original Proto-Indo-Europeanswere predominantlyof the Nordic racial type. They also discovered that a good 60 percent of the PIE skeletal specimens studied would have had light hair and either blue or green eyes when they were alive.[1]

Another quite obvious piece of evidence supporting the genetic whiteness of the ancient Indo-Europeans is the way in which they portrayed their archetypal deities. The heroic gods of the various Indo-European religions (and certainly those described in the Homeric poems) are consistently portrayed as beings with fair skin, blond hair and light eyes – attributes which, at least among Europeans, have always been equated with the utmost beauty. The Greek Gods, the Roman Gods, the Norse Gods, etc. –allwere described in the same manner. Even in the Christian tradition, the “angels” (or more accurately “messengers”) possess these fine features without exception.

   In addition, when one investigates the oldest of historical records it becomes glaringly obvious that the original Aryans (literally the “Noble Ones” in Sanskrit) also possessed fine features and fair or white skin. The oldest known Aryan texts to date, the Vedas, point to a Northern (even Arctic!) origin for the original Indo-Aryans. For definitive proof of this one should read The Arctic Home in the Vedas (1903) by the renowned Indian scholar Bal GangadharTilak. And indeed, when studying the Vedic texts one will certainly discover that the color white represents cleanliness, purity, beauty and nobility – essentially all that was best about the tall, fair-skinned conquering Aryans themselves. Thus caste and color were inseparably linked.

Likewise, in ancient Greece and Rome the color white represented the same aristocratic virtues. Hence the pure white togas of the Roman nobility and the imperious white marble architecture of the Greco-Roman world. When the Romans came into contact with their northern Germanic foes and the first captives were brought back to the imperial capital, the Roman women were so struck by the barbarians’ beauty that they immediately dyed their locks and purchased blonde wigs (often made from the actual hair of the captives). They even began using white chalk to lighten their faces. Thefamous Roman historian Tacitus, who was himself caught up in the Germanic “craze,” even advanced the notion that the Germansmust be the purest and noblest race in the world – a blond, light-skinned Nordic people not unlike the original Roman patrician class that had degenerated progressively over time.

In countless other cultures of the Old World from prehistoric times to our own, tall blond, fair-skinned warriors havealways been portrayed as the founders and maintainers of Aristocracy. In the Nordic traditions of the Eddas and Rigsthula, those of noble birth were the Jarls – warrior aristocrats who fought, hunted, indulged in sport and performed no kind of economic-driven task. The Jarls were always depicted as tall, lean, and flaxen-haired with piercing blue eyes. The thralls, in contrast, were the servile ones (the slave class) always depicted as short, dark and homely. To this day, the association of one’s social class with one’s color is firmly lodged in the collective unconscious (i.e. genetic memory) of most Whites, with the fairest or “whitest” features still considered to be the noblest and thus the most highly valued. Perhaps Dr. William Z. Ripley – the renowned American professor of political economics – explained it best in his landmark work The Races of Europe (1899):

Is there any doubt that where, as in our own Southern States, two races are socially divided from one another, the superior would do all in his power to eliminate any traces of physical similarity to the menial negroes? Might not the Roman nose, light hair and eyes, and all those prominent traits which distinguish the master from the slave, play an important part in constituting an ideal of beauty which would become highly effective in the course of time?[2]

Now, needless to say, there is also an opposition,or rather an antithesisto the White race’s conception of beauty. And that is: blackness, negritude, darkness. Today, there is literally a power of Darkness which is descending upon the entire world – a power manifesting itself through the perverse dogmas of liberalism, multiracialism and globalization. It is by no means a coincidence that these perverse dogmas are propagated relentlessly by self-hating Western liberals and that they are made to appeal specifically to the teeming, disgruntled masses of the Third World – viz. to those who possess the greatest despair and anger due to the lasting legacy of Western colonialism. It is this combined spiritual-racial-political-economic Darkness that not only Whites but all mankindmust face and defeat if we are to survive,as a species, in the centuries to come.

And so, to those “anti-racists” who stubbornly proclaim that “race is a social construct,” I say: history, culture, genetics and science all invariably demonstrates the opposite – viz.that society is in fact a racial construct. Indeed, Race is neither a “social construct” (in the Materialist/Freudo-Marxian sense) nor strictlya spiritual-cultural concept. Race is a biological reality. Biological Race is clearly determinable through casual observational methods, and yet also through more rigorous scientific study on the genetic/molecular level (i.e. DNA).

Incredibly, the anti-racists would have us believe that everyone is a product of only the social and economic realms; that the very realms which man has created are those which have somehow created and defined him. They would have us believe that nothing is grounded in Race alone; that the endless variations of ethnic type, which exist within the races as much as they do between them, are not real but exaggerations orexceptions. This is the logic, the “rationalism”of the quintessential liberal. The “great” social engineers of the politically correct society maintain that environment counts for everything and heredity for nothing. They promote a postmodern worldview that replaces reality with fiction and discriminating truths with psychotic fantasy. Those of us who possess true wisdom, however, know better. To us the anti-racist crowd is the living embodiment of the psychotic fantasy, the outrageous fiction. Certainly anti-racists can be found among all ethnicities, classes and religious groups, however the Western (and particularly Anglo-American) liberals form the Vanguard of this sinister bunch.

And yet as much as the Western liberal elites strive to propagate the falsehood that Race does not exist, they nevertheless undermine their best-made arguments by acknowledging the very existence of the non-White races and by encouraging these racesto not only exist, but to proliferate and thrive at the expense of the same White race which the liberals paradoxically claim does not exist. Furthermore, no matter what the consummate liberals might say in public to the effect that “we are all equal,” you can rest assured that if their money was on the line in a sporting event, they would pick a Kenyan over a Tibetan in a foot race, and a Russian over a Samoan in a gymnastics event. Hence the “anti-racist” argument is not only illogical and intellectually dishonest, but it also epitomizes liberal hypocrisy in general.

[1] See: “New Light on the Aryans,” Ian Freeman, Heritage & Destiny, January-February 2013.

[2] Ripley, William Z. The Races of Europe: A Sociological Study. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1899, p. 49.