Russia needs Novorossiya


Russia needs Novorossiya and Malorossiya - at least the part of Malorossiya that is east of the Dnepr river. These parts are not "ukrainian", they never were and they never will be! These parts are as genuinely russian as Moscow or St Peterburg but because of a historical mistake - the break-up of the Soviet Union in stead of the modernisation of it - these parts are now outside of mother Russia. That would not be a catastrophe if these lands were part of a democratic, pro-russian "Ukraine" or if they were a sovreign and pro-russian country like Belarus or Kazahstan. Then they would still be a part of the Russian World with very close ties to the Motherland. But now these lands are occupied by a nazi junta in Kiev, placed there by the USA after an armed coup against the legal governmment and president Yanukovich!
These russian lands are now filled with american, polish, baltic and other mercenaries and armed nazis that are repressing the russians and "anti-junta" ukrainians and killing anyone who openly protests! The worst part is that Russia has missed several legal opportunities to rectify this: just after the coup Russia had every right to re-instate the legal president and his government that were internationally recognized.

When the Kiev nazi junta started killing the people in Novorossiya and Donbass and after the Odessa massacre, again Russia had the right to intervene and stop the genocide.

And as long as the killings continue and the Kiev nazi junta does not fulfill the Minsk 2 agreement Russia still has the right to intervene and liberate all of Novorossiya from Charkov to Odessa and Malorossiya too. That way, by reaching Odessa, Russia would also save Transniestria which is another russian region that is besieged by the Kiev nazi junta and by Moldavia. Russia cannot afford to let these lands be forced into NATO and filled with american missiles aimed at Moscow and other russian cities! But this is what can happen if Russia does not act soon!

In stead of liberating Novorossiya, or helping the Army of Novorossiya to do the main part of the job, Russia has helped to save Syria. Now, that is of course good, but Russia should do in Novorossiya what she has done in Syria: help the majority of the people and the legal government to depose the terrorists - in this case the Kiev nazi junta! Fortunately the war in Syria has entered its final stages so we can hope to see a more active russian stance against the illegal regime in Kiev! This is not an "internal ukrainian problem" - it is a russian problem because the victims of the illegal Kiev nazi junta are ethnic russians and russian-speaking, anti-nazi ukrainians. Anyone that does not see this fact is either a fool or a traitor.

Anyway the "border" between Russia and former "Ukraine" has not been ratified by Russia after the break-up of the CCCP so in reality "Ukraine" does not have real established and ratified borders with Russia! This is a fact that should be used to either depose the Kiev nazi regime and make all of former "Ukraine" democratic, federated and pro-russian or to liberate the parts that are still not nazi-infected, that means Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river. When these lands are free from the nazis then there will be no american missiles there aiming at Moscow and no american navyships in Odessa harbor.

The future of Russia as an independent state and world leader in a multipolar world will be determined in Novorossiya.

The battle for Novorossiya (and eastern Malorossiya) will be determined in the Kreml. As soon as the russian leaders decide to liberate Novorossiya it will be so - and very much faster than the liberation of Syria. To detach the russian economy from the dollar, to start a russian bank-card, to replace SWIFT and to introduce a gold-based rouble (not gold-interexchangeable) are the first steps on this path - but they have to be followed by more steps, now!