There are real nazis in power in Kiev

Most of former Ukraine is now (since 2014) occupied by nazis/fascists and rasists/extreme nationalists. In some cases they are disguised within other political parties but, make no mistake, their ideology does not change just because they change name or party organisation. As is well known, when the nazis made their coup in 2014 (directed and assisted by the CIA), the first "law" they forcefully passed through the rump and unconstitutional rest-parlament was the prohibition of the russian language (the majority language!) from all official institutions, schools, administration and so on. 
The second "law" they passed was the legalisation of the nazi party and of nazi propaganda. These two acts would normally automatically disqualify them from any dealings with the EUa nd they would get sanctions from the west in stead. Why did this not happen?
The internet is full of photos and videos with the leaders of these nazi organisations posing with swastikas and other nazi symbols and openly declaring their nazi/rasist views and agenda and making the nazi salute! But the west does not want to see the evidence! Hundreds of torch-marches, book-burnings, attacks on churches and synagoges have been carried out by these nazis with the silent support of the illegal regime in Kiev, as well as attacks on, and murders of, journalists, politicians, priests, teachers and anyone suspected of being anti-nazi/anti-racist. But the west does not want to see this either.
Newspapers, TV and radio stations, even internet-sites and bloggers have been burnt, occupied or closed because they showed the truth about the nazis and the illegal regime - the Kiev nazi junta - but the west - that in other cases "fights for the right of free speech" (at least when it comes to Pussy Riot in Russia), does not want to see what happens in former Ukraine.
But when it comes to the legitimate resistance in Donbass and in the temporarily occupied parts of Novorossiya, when it comes to the peoples militia and the Army of Novorossiya, then the west suddenly calls them separatists and terrorists, when in reality they are freedom-fighters! But this is only what we could expect from the western hypocrites that openly boast of the five billion dollars they spent to overthrow the legal government of president Yanukovich!
Of course the west does not support nazism in their own countries, but when it comes to Banderastan they are more than willing to make an exception, especially as the victims of those nazis and racists are russians and russian-speaking "ukrainians".
The nazis/extremists and their crimes have also been sufficiently documented by Oliver Stone and Paul Moreira in their films about former "Ukraine" - but the western regimes make it difficult for their citizens to see those films because they show the truth and not the lies of the western mainstream media! Despite this, more and more people all over the world are discovering the truth about the illegal Kiev nazi regime that is killing civilians in Donbass and is occupying Novorossiya, they are discovering the fact that USA sponsored and lead the formation of a nazi pseudostate in Europe. In the whole world Hitler, Bandera and their accomplices are war-criminals and it is illegal to honor them - but in former "Ukraine" they are regarded as "national heroes" and hailed in the schools! In the whole world nazi marches and symbols and swastikas are illegal - but in Kiev-nazi former "Ukraine" they can march with the support of the illegal regime. And the west supports this situation - what a shame! Even at the yearly votings at the UN the EU refuses to condemn nazism and the USA with the Kiev nazi junta regime even votes against the condemnation of nazism! This says a lot about the western hypocrites, but it does not take away the fact that there are real nazis in power in Kiev - and they must be overthrown.