Unmasking Terrorism: Pakistan and the Manipulation of the Media

We are living in an information age where technology considers the most important political force of last hundred years. Everybody who had lived throughout the history of humanity lived in changing time but our time is changing rapidly as things are shifting catastrophically, enormously and tectonically. Unfortunately, the people are uncountable; who are shaping the world future with the manipulation. The Great War of Continents has weaponized the technological devices.  America-led Psycho-Electronic warfare over worldwide web poses great threats to the world security as Pentagon’s military reliance on UAVs has synthesized cyber electronic warfare (cyber EW). It has urbanized small drones with target recognition features as the gizmo of cyber warfare. US + Mi6 has already stolen the big data of world’s nations including Pakistan by using a private military company like Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) Group intended to command the political life of the world. Now it has become an evident fact that social media platforms; Google and Facebook joined the U.S. Department of Defense artificial intelligence (AI) project.  
The ‘Vault 7’ of Wikileaks is enough to reveal the scope of the CIA’s hacking capabilities and its control over mainstream and social media of the world.
More than 60 independent and sovereign states were destroyed in the name of democracy as they claimed that they have right to meddle in-house affairs of sovereign states because they are entitled to spread democracy. They trended hacking democracy by changing voter’s behavior with the big-data science. Recently, it is reported worldwide that the Washington Fusion Center, a multi-agency counterterrorism center has accidentally released documents detailing “Psycho-Electronic Weapons” and “Remote Mind Control” to the MuckRock, a news organization that specializes in filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with state and federal government bodies. These documents explain how electromagnetic mind-control weapons can be deployed by satellite, through mobile phones, or from equipment hidden in the back of a sinister-looking black van.
As a matter of fact, the technological and electronic devices have become a very effective tool of surveillance. Mini spying devices in shape of microphone have been installed now in almost all electronic devices including TV and Phones. The Facebook is snooping on users to determine for targeted advertising/manipulation. The American dominance over Social media platforms has given spying advantages to the CIA. Now the new trend of sharing the user’s data to military organizations is alarming, the recent expose of big data robbery of the world by the US+Mi6 owned private military firm SCL is enough to open everyone’s eyes.  

Terrorism is drama

Although mainstream media was already there manipulation of the media was not enough, so cyber geopolitics was crafted under the US/NATO’s Strategic Communication (StratCom) doctrine. As the Director-General of the NATO International Military Staff, General Jan Broeks recently briefed to the NATO Military Committee Working Group highlighting that StratCom is an essential effort that supports effective deterrence of our adversaries and promotes the understanding of military actions by our populations and the populations in theatre. They have modified Information Operations (InfoOps) and Psychological Operations (PsyOps), which are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objectives, reasonings and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals. The Pentagon’s so-called war on terror is the best example of it as it has captivated world’s population with the manipulation of the media both mainstream and social media. Pentagon’s former International Security Affairs and Director for Special Planning, Noel Koch said in the declassified document tilted, “Manipulation of the Media” that Terrorism is drama, it’s got suspense, it’s grievance, it’s got people at risk, it’s got the families that are crying; you cannot duplicate it in fiction. If we observe deeply, we can easily unearth that the media has become the medium of terrorist’s choice as they are managing all this like professional dramatism.
The declassified document regarding manipulation of the media was adopted during 1986 and Pakistan was the first victim of it as the US turned Pakistan into jihad factory. Media played a vital role in bringing a radicalization of Islam (so-called war on terror) in the Muslim world as per the agenda of Pentagon’s jihad dogma. The US persuaded Pakistan to open its airways without delay after the 9/11, which shaped the electronic media industry of Pakistan. The warmongers of liberal west invested on Pakistan’s Independent Media Group. As a result, they launched first private news channel Geo TV, instantly after September 11 with the aim to stage terrorist play. They turned television into the stage on which terrorist incidents are played. Pakistani media was used as a tool to change the perception of masses for gaining the support intended to align Pakistan as a partner in the global war on terror. Along with the American aid, secret funds were poured by the State Department in controlling Pakistani minds. Despite the liberal west agenda, the independent group of Pakistani media also propagated anti-State narrative at the behest of India. Indian funding under the umbrella of Aman ki Asha program also contributed a lot to change the behavior of Pakistan. Before this so-called Indian funded project, Kashmir and trans-border shared water disputes were the main issues between Pakistan and India. But unfortunately, Pakistani media oligarch Mir Shakil ur Rehman (MSR) brought Indian narrative in Pakistani newsrooms. Indian funded manipulation played key role to sabotage Pakistan’s massive damming policy.  
Pakistan’s policymakers made an attempt to deal India under the “trading with the enemy concept” for the betterment of South Asia. But India stabbed back to Pakistan by staging false flag events, especially 26/11 aka Mumbai Attacks with the group effort of the ClA intended to damage Kashmir Cause. In-house manipulation of MSR’s media provided an opportunity to India by putting the blame of Mumbai attacks on Pakistan. After a long time, Russia gathered both traditional rivals of sub-continent on a peace table with the Ufa declaration of BRICS/SCO summit in 2015 intended to solve disputes, including Kashmir conflict but unfortunately, India has not only violated it but it attempted to harm this regional effort.     
In fact, India has appeared as a troublemaker against the regional integration in the region as the US-India nexus in Afghanistan poses hybrid threats to the region.  India-Afghanistan air corridor was used to export militancy from Syria to the heartland of Eurasia. The Russian military has unearthed the US plan of the full-scale IS offensive operation against the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) from the cornerstone of Afghanistan. CSTO is a Russia-led powerful military might consisting of the former Soviet States and it considers a firewall against the NATO expansion towards Central Asia. Russian intelligence sources say there will two routes for IS offensive. One will lead to Tajikistan through Nuristan and Badakhshan provinces, another will go through Farakh, Ghor, Sari-Pul, and Faryab to Turkmenistan. This plan was also confirmed by the communication channels of defense ministries of China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Pakistan was also on the target of this offensive invasion plan but surprisingly Pakistan took Russian warning about IS plan very seriously as it successfully defaced the threat of the IS.  

Victory over Terrorism  

Russia warned time after time to Pakistan and Afghanistan for the emerging threat of ISIS but unfortunately, the ruling regime in Kabul did not only ignored this warning but it acted as a puppet to promote the unipolar proxies in the heart of Eurasia. It is reported that Pentagon’s warmongers secretly transferred ISIS terrorists from Syria to Afghanistan after the Russian allies’ victory over terrorism in the Middle East by restoring Syrian Sovereignty. Bluntly speaking, Muslim populated areas adjacent with the rising powers of Eurasia; China and Russia are on a target list. In this emerging regional scenario, Pakistan’s victory over terrorism has become a hope for both China and Russia as Pakistan’s military has got success to restore peace. It is the only Muslim army in the world who has a successful experience in fighting against US-sponsored terrorism as once Pakistan Army was the part of Brzezinski’s Strategy in the Muslim world. But now Pakistan has become an independent country as it is has aligned itself with the rising superpowers of Eurasia; Russia and China. Unfortunately, Pakistan took 40 years to take U-Turn with the aim to prevent the misuse of terrorism which was tailored by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to making Islamic world work towards the US interests. Pakistan’s army chief at Munich Security Conference exposed the proprietors of the liberal free world as he said, “The Frankenstein was actually created by the liberal free world, with willing, but myopic cooperation from our side after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Therefore, we all are responsible for making the world population in general and Muslim population in particular, hostage to this extremist ideology.”
 Pakistan’s total regional shift has defeated America in secret war in this region. This is the main reason of new regional alignment between Russia and Pakistan. Russia has offered her shoulder to Pakistan by bringing peace and stability in the region as Moscow is helping Islamabad to defuse Hybrid War. The introduction of Pakistan’s state (national) narrative into Pakistani newsrooms under the National Action Plan (NAP) got significant success. Pakistan has almost defeated the terrorism as in this first quarter of 2018; terror-related incidents have been declined more than 70 percent. In a recently published report, the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) says that violence-related fatalities in Pakistan have dropped drastically – by 45 percent – between 2015 and 2016, and 66 percent between 2016 and 2017. Surprisingly terrorism is declining day by day but extremism is rising because media is mainstreaming the extremism into the public. The absence of well-thought-out modified policy poses new threats to the country as it has no mechanism to prevent threats about (InfoOps) and Psychological Operations (PsyOps). Psychological manipulation of masses with hacking public opinion through data-mining technologies is tilting world en route for total war. Changing behavior at large with machine learning process has become a common phenomenon. Mainstream, alternative and social media played a vital role in this regard. The media in Pakistan has become the fourth pillar of state so it sets a great responsibility on Pakistani media houses to secure the national interests of the state.  
In fact, Islamabad is very thankful for Washington’s duplicity over its so-called war on terror. Pakistan has timely secured state writ and territorial integrity from the US-sponsored three evils; Extremism, Terrorism, and Separation. The US/NATO military presence in Afghanistan fueled hostilities against region by spreading the three evils to Central Asia, China, and Pakistan. The uprising of religious and ethnic conflicts hinted that the US wants to punish Pakistan as it has refused to “Do More “in Washington led so-called war on terror. Pakistan has not only defeated America in its secret war but it has also got success in installing the powerful firewall against the war waged by NATO/US+India. Although, Pakistan succeeded to prevent trans-border terrorism with the set-up of border fence technologies along borders. It needs to do wide-ranging work to fix/repair the damages dealt with the name of American so-called war on terror drama.  
Recent geopolitical happenings and systematic changes regarding the emergence of Multipolar World Order is bringing unbiased reporting in Pakistani media houses.  Pakistan’s new alignment with rising superpowers of Eurasia; Russia and China are minimizing western dominance over mass media and it is encouraging realism over neo-liberalism.
But to prevent extremism, still, Pakistani media has to show its maturity as the empire of chaos is spreading extremism and ethnic conflicts with an attempt to alter regional map.  Unfortunately, the liberal West/ is using violent religious and ethnic groups/organizations as a tool of war to achieve their geopolitical objectives. The current rise of extremism in all three religions of South Asia; Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are the proof of ‘divide and rule policy’. They have also accelerated sub-national and ethnic movements. In this scenario, Pakistani media again can play a leading role to defeat three evils not only in Pakistan but in all over South Asia and especially in the Muslim world as Pakistan has become the active member of the Eurasian security alliance, SCO.  But for this purpose, it is necessary for the state of Pakistan to promote an alternative and counter-narrative. 
Pakistan’s joining of post-West (polycentric) order inflated to the Atlantic Council (West) and the US because they wanted to keep Pakistan as a vassal state to achieve geopolitical objectives in the region. Therefore they adopted to destroy Pakistan so that Russia and China should not zip the multipolar world by taking the advantages of Pakistan’s geographical importance as Pakistan provides shortest land routes to China and land-locked Central Asian countries to reach Arabian Sea trade routes. Russia is willing to build Eurasian energy corridor in Pakistan to export Caspian Sea energy via Gwadar port. Pakistan’s land routes under China-Pakistan Economic corridor have provided an opportunity to import energy from Mideast and Africa. This regional vision is the only reason to destroy Pakistan through multimodal war led by the US/West. All western media outlets, social media, and their local media partners are working closely to propagate anti-state narrative in Pakistan. Western propaganda machines are leading the front of the information war. Manipulation has become a business now as local media aide of the West; Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman (MSR) openly confessed by responding media question that forgets about journalism, this is a business now. His only independent group controls 35% of media content in Pakistan.  Surprisingly, despite the anti-state narrative he is also spreading Russophobia in Pakistan as its media group publishes anti-Russian hawkish rhetoric with Urdu translation. 

Double standards over Freedom of Information   

Actually, the free press remained the tool of terror crafted by the information war. Although, once free speech was considered one of the treasured cornerstones of the democracy now it is almost dead as the declining empire of chaos has turned it into the instrument to control the world’s sovereign nations.  Many countries were destroyed on fake news and lies.  The destruction of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan can be exemplified by the fake war on terror drama based on white lies supported by the Western liberal democracy. Truly speaking, West-led so-called freedom of the press was exposed by the whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Snowden as they dared to tell the truth about Pentagon’s artificial intelligence (AI) project.  To keep hidden all above classified information from the public is an open denial of free speech by the champions of press freedom. Julian Assange termed such classified information as the third pillar of information as he says, “This is the information that people are actively working to prevent from entering into the record. Type-three information is suppressed before publication or after publication. If the type-three information is spread around, there are active attempts to take it out of circulation.” So American establishment putted Assange on a trial intended to prevent entering truth into the record. Surprisingly on a same day during recent leaks of SCL group, US+MI6 did not only disconnected the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange from outside world by cutting his internet cable but they also made an attempt to remove my articles containing information (type-three information) about anti-state narrative against Pakistan propagated by SCL group/Cambridge Analytica.  
Throughout the debate on the media role and freedom of information, one can easily unearth the double standards of the west over media freedom. Despite all this, censorship is not an option because it would not work in this pace of technology.  Especially when data has gone and elections are coming. Pakistan must have to be a careful as it has a lack of proficiency to prevent such psychological operations by the Atlantic Council/US.  They have stolen the big-data of world nations including voters data with this UK based private military firm and now they got success to turn Facebook into de facto PR agency for the US with the aim to engineer political life of the world. Immediately after the big-data robbery scandal, Facebook proudly announced its partnership with the Atlantic Council. Facebook Newsrooms post states that the social network’s security, policy, and product teams will coordinate their work with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab). Like NATO’s big-data thief SCL group, this DFRLab is also linked to control democracies of the world intended to secure the legitimacy of the US policies and neoliberal economic system.

Battle over Zipper of Eurasia 

The Atlantic control over cyberspace and world’s media has persuaded its rival countries; Russia and China to team up against Atlanticism with the rise of Eurasianism. There is a geopolitical battle between Sea based Atlantics powers and the land-based Eurasian powers Russia, China, Iran, and others coming into conflict with each other that could lead to total war. Therefore Russia and China are preparing for an imminent war by collaborating on ways to minimize possible damage to the security of Eurasia (Multipolar world).  Both Eurasian powers joined hands to protect the world as they are developing and proposing a substantive mechanism in Eurasia with multilateral institutions, which will include security issues, development of relations between the states, an organization of the economy, social sphere, management system and search for new drivers of the growth. While in this emerging state affairs, Pakistan has already aligned itself with rising powers of Eurasia as geographically Pakistan is zipping up Russia’s “Grand Eurasia” and China’s “Modernization of the Ancient Silk Road “ dreams together. Hence it’s the reason for Pakistan’s destruction plan of the Atlantic council warmongers. Although, Russia and China are helping Pakistan to defuse multimodal warfare by sharing powerful firewall but still Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity is under threat as there is no state-control over western based media beamed and social networks.  
Time has demanded Pakistan to take immediate set-ups to prevent foreign injected manipulation. The local manipulators should be accountable while the mechanism of self-regulation for media houses and agreements with national security forces to withhold or delay broadcasts in certain cases must be implemented. Pakistan’s national security committee has to be fully concern about the effect of general access to the major mainstream and social media networks. Pakistan has to take protective measures by constituting data protection rules So that any company anywhere must respect the data rights of Pakistani citizens. Pakistan has to regulate all social media platforms including Facebook and Google to prevent misuse and it was bound to all foreign-based companies and organizations to protect the data of Pakistani citizens from manipulations. Pakistan has also sought rights to probe and to impose stiff penalties for misuse of its citizen’s data through data protection rules. All corporations and telecommunication companies should be legally bounded to protect the data of Pakistani citizens as companies have also collected addresses, telephone numbers, NIC and biometric identification. Unfortunately, the breach of data from such companies has become a routine and users are unable to sue them for their data leakages due to unavailability of data protection act. In future prospective, Pakistan must have to take protective steps. It has to establish Strategic Communication Laboratory to save its nation from electromagnetic and informational weapons as it has already on a war footing by resisting a multimodal war waged by the Atlantic Council over Eurasia.