The US failed to gang-up against Russia-China


Since President Joe Biden took the oath, there were speculations that world peace will be disturbed badly. Because President Joe Biden was in politics for a long and was an essential part of several US Administrations under various Presidents, he was the architect of anti-Russia and anti-China policies. He is still in the cold-war era mentality and failed to understand the changed geopolitics.

President Joe publically asked his allies to gang-up against China. American sentiments against Russia and China were more visible in the Sino-US dialogue in Alaska. Significantly, President Joe Biden's remarks about President Putin are derogatory and condemnable.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Brussels to attend a NATO foreign ministers' meeting. The agenda was undoubted to counter Russia and China. The US understands its capabilities and knows very well that alone can not face Russia or China; that is why the US is ganging up and thinks that the US can stand against Russia or China with the help of allies. DURING HIS RECENT VISIT TO INDIA, the US The Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh, who discussed S-400 and other defense issues, and China, which was one of their main topics in the closed-door meeting.

It is a well-understood fact that Europe needs Energy for its economic activities, and Russia is the best energy source. The Gas pipeline to Europe by Gazprom is almost complete 92%, and some of the countries depend entirely on Russian gas supply. Although there was tremendous pressure on few European countries in the past, they resisted American pressure and remained committed to energy deals with Russia. The current US administration is exerting extra pressure on Europe, but I think most European countries are wise enough to protect their national interests, especially where the US is not in a position to provide them an alternative.

China is a significant trading partner with most EU nations and one of the most prominent investors, job creators, and economic activities tools. EU understands the cost of offending China and is reluctant to gang-up against China or Russia.

It is only the UK who blindly follow America; the rest of European nations, to some extent, think independently and may refuse to be used against Russia or China. Some rulers or politicians might have their personal agendas, but the EU's masses, especially the youth, are concerned about their future and believe that launching a new cold-war may not be in their favor. They wanted peace and stability in the whole world. They think stability is a pre-requisite for economic activities and prosperity. The youth is not willing to stand against Russia or China in either case.

In fact, some nations suffered a lot during the cold-war era and may not be willing to repeat the same again. The youth today are more interested in peace, stability, and prosperity. They are least bothered with political differences, rather fed-up with dirty politics.

The attempt to strengthen the alliance between the US and its European allies, which the new US administration now promotes, will be in vain. Because first of all, Europe is not dependant on the US as much as it was dependant just after World War II (WWII). Secondly, the US is not as strong as it was, even could not face a Pandemic. The Pandemic has exposed the strength of the US, and now no one will accept American hegemony. A visible proof was seen in the Sino-US dialogue in Alaska recently, where China has responded in the same stern tone and offered its strong stance on almost all issues. The US is not in a position to coerce others anymore. If the US still relies on its alliance to solve the problems caused by its obsolete hegemonic attitude, it will be a crazy act only and may bounce back.

Whereas China and Russia's move to forge a partnership rather than an alliance is displaying their confidence and is more in line with this era's spirit. Of course, global strategic good-will is the foundation of a wide-ranging strategic partnership between China and Russia in the new generation, new age, a new era. Yet perhaps the US will never learn to show such good-will.