USA: State Terrorism as Foreign Policy

In The Memory of Hajj Qassem

 “You may start this war, but we are the ones who will determine its end. Therefore, you must not offend Iranian people, you must not offend our President. You must think what you say, ask your predecessors.” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

According to public data, three US drones (MQ9 Reaper) entered Iraqi airspace on January 2nd, 2020 – at 10.30am, 11.30am and 03.00pm. They were registered by Iraqi Air Control Tower as observatory drones, not military ones. The drones were in the Iraqi airspace entire day, cruising. They headed for Baghdad International Airport at 12.00am on January 3rd 2020. They shot three Hellfire missiles toward the two vehicles of General Soleimani and his escort, while the vehicles were still driving within the area of Baghdad International Airport. The drones left Iraqi air space seven minutes after they fired missiles. After the drones left Iraqi airspace, three military jets entered it. Iraqi Air Control convinced two of them two leave, but one didn’t.

Mr Fadel abu Ragheet, security affairs specialist, said to Al Arabiya in English last year that it would be impossible that info about Hajj Qassem’s whereabouts was leaked from Iraq, since he’s been on the Iraqi soil for only 30 minutes. As he claims, it is more likely that info about Hajj Qassem’s whereabouts was leaked from Damascus, where he spent several days and the flight bringing him from there has been delayed for three hours. But, what about the drones? What kind of protocols the use of drones demands in order to be lawful and legal toward international law? How much time the drones, falsely represented and falsely registered, internationally unregulated, did spend within Iraqi airspace? The drones spent much more time in Iraq than Hajj Qassem. At least nine hours more than him. Detective style in time overlapping of human beings and events is not important now as it is important overlapping of drones and events, in which “human factor” becomes only “Human Ground Controller”, as written in the drone description capabilities and operational modes. When satellite surveillance or data transfer in real time and overseas elements are involved (as possibly Rammstein US Military Base in Germany or other conspirators in the region of Western Asia), the chain of all important events does not follow logic of basic chronology and facts about perpetrators. The time becomes network of time flows and overlaps of people and automates which harden any usual reason and logic. This is due to the interconnections and interference of humans, machines, communications and surveillance channels in practical sense which West tries to impose in every sphere of life – scientific and technological innovations, still unregulated, deprive them from responsibility in certain periods of time – and that is the manner of a criminal, but cowardish mind. It is important to mention that the use of drones as specific weapon which belongs to arsenal of certain kind of warfare is still not regulated by military or international law.

Using military drones falsely represented as observatory, in terrorist style assassination, conducted by internationally recognized country (USA) points out that United States of America crossed all the red lines of all the rules and protocols (once again, and it is not 1991) and sided itself with the terrorist groups it created. The terrorist activity of an internationally recognized country also shows that USA does not have or, never has had any intention to fight terrorists of Al Qaida, Daesh, Al-Nusrah, etc, but had long lasting intention to assassinate those who were really fighting and annihilating terrorists all over Western Asia.

“The United States used to have ‘charisma’. Whenever one of its ships would sail, countries would collapse. Today, you are collecting the garbage of the Iranian people, the hypocrites and all the opponents of the revolution. Is that whom you pin your hopes on? Is this America?” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

Some clerk from US administration (Michael Kimmit, former Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs) rambled about so called “Rules of Engagement”, claiming that USA was doing everything under “rules of engagement” and that is no way it conducted the drone attack outside legal and lawful framework. When asked to say what he thinks about that attack, as every robotized clerk of USA state simulating machinery, he did not have any opinion and was not able to say was it correct or not. But, as the clerk was told, some “rules of engagement” existed, for sure.

Just because someone uses the term “rules” does not mean something is general or universal rule. And, if some, so-called “rules of engagement” existed among USA documents, non-papers, papers, protocols, which USA proclaimed “rules” – does it really oblige anyone? Of course, not! But, international law obliges USA and it happened countless times USA did not obey it. After those countless times (and still counting), there is no other conclusion than USA is a rogue state which needs to be put under international control and observation and some international forces have to be sent to the USA in order to bring the rogue state back to decency and international legality. And, which is the most important, that international control would not mean “international” in a sense West uses that term, that “international” means Western camp, only.

The mentioned USA clerk also stated that the formal reason for the criminal and state terrorism act, which USA performed assassinating General Soleimani - of course he did not call the things real names - was the killing of US contractor previously. According to Kimmit, the life of American “contractor” was the red line drawn by Agent Orange, the US president. It is also worth mentioning that Agent Orange abolished 4 members of Black Water (Akademi) for delieberate, for fun, killing of Iraqis, including children. Agent Orange, The Gambler, does not know the difference between “soldier” and “contractor”, because, in the USA, state military is business. It is not connected to patriotism and protection of national interests, for real. In the USA, both patriotism and national interests are empty phrases used by the puppet clerks simulating state affairs, whenever this criminal entity has some pirate wishes toward countries and people. Having also in mind that USA military plans were to decrease the use of MQ9 Reaper drones and that a few days ago, contrary to that, US Congress approved $ 696 billions budget for Pentagon in fiscal 2021, which includes “lifeline” of $ 344 million for the continuation of deploying of MQ9 Reaper drones by USA military, it may occur that Agent Orange obliged to do some business, for many parties – from weapons producers to Zionists and sectarian Christians in Vatican. Since The Gambler is not able to differ public state affairs and private business affairs, whether in IR or military, he placed a bet with US’ fake patriotism and national interests (in Green Zone in Baghdad) for the interests of some weapons producers who would like to increase their income, killing of the prominent General and instigated war with Iran would be a good opportunity for many various goals – from ripping of natural resources to besieging of nuclear facilities and to strategic re-positioning in Western Asia. Besides the Western “income calculations” from war with Iran, there is Zionist entity and its Arab stooges, who always somehow emerge in every evil deed of the Western clan.

United Nations’ representative said at the press conference last year that the US organized assassination of Iranian state official, General Qassem Soleimani, Abu-Mahdi Al Mohandes and eight more people was the act of international terrorism. But, that was all United Nations has done. A press conference, a little bit of compassion and understanding for Iran and for the unimaginable breach of international affairs protocols, a little bit of attacking Trump, the gambler, a little bit of blah-blah-blah and that was it.

Iran completed investigation, but not all the procedures and Assistant Speaker of the Iranian Parliament for International Affairs, Mr Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in an interview for Iranian Khabar channel, announced some general data and that the details will be revelead “in a timely manner”. Prosecutor General in Tehran, Mr Ali Al-Qassi Mehr, accused the British company G4S (responsible for aviation security at Baghdad Int’l Airport) and Germany of involvement in the terrorist act of assassination of General Soleimani. He added that Iran granted judicial representation to six countries (Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan) to investigate the Soleimani assassination. The results of those investigations will be all gathered in the final report.

The Western media/establishment’s talking heads has named General Soleimani “The Shadow Commander” for years, following their low life public style and wish to stun people, in order to get bigger media share, even by stupidities. Instead, General Qassem Soleimani was never in the shadows. He was in the battle field, in the plain sight, he was at negotiation tables, he was all over Western Asia whenever he wanted, traveling by the means and roads of his choice and that is what scared his fearful enemies. And, he was never in hidings – unlike all Western camp “commanders” who are always in hidings, who see battlefields only in the screens. Failing in every way in the real world, West’s all hopes are in virtual world and in surreal plans which they are able to accomplish only in terrorist gang style, not by the rules for decent people. Western camp military consists of mercenaries, politically correct cowards, sodomites, feminists unable for military and many other “minorities”, which, at the end of the day, are also some kind of mercenaries, not soldiers.

“The US President, in response to the statements by our President, made some idiotic comments on Twitter. It’s beneath the dignity of the President of the great Islamic country of Iran to respond, so I will respond, as a soldier of our nation, I am your adversary. The Quds Forces are enough for you.” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

Quds Forces are way too much for the USA or for any of its false institutions. Even one person, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, was too much for them. US military is a fake military, which comes from a fake country and its false power comes from media and film industry. So-called US military command and its cowardish bosses think people would get afraid of US military just because CNN, Fox or some other deranged journalist from hyper controlled and directed US media says so. Or because Hollywood makes some stunning “block buster” in which some imaginary, totally made up “hero” saves the deranged world of the West. Not imaginary, not real soldiers of the West – from UK or German or French or US military has been ever able to outsmart and outplay General Qassem Soleimani in the battlefield, intelligence operation or any kind of activities which Western coalition underwent in order to re-collonize Western Asia or any other part of its ex or newly wished colonies.

“After 9/11 terrible event, you came to Afghanistan with 110 000 infantry, thousands of tanks and air crafts to confront the small group with outdated weapons [Taliban]. You committed every kind of crime there, you turned weddings into funerals. Razed villages to the ground. Over 60% of the victims were and still are the civilians. ... In 2001 you mobilized so many countries with 110 000 soldiers and used to say: evveryone who is beside us is with us and anyone not beside us is a terrorist. Well, now, after 17 years, what have you achieved? Isn’t it correct that today you are begging Taliban for negotiations and peace? Well, it is a small organization, which does not represent all Afghan people, but only a part of it.”

Hajj Qassem has destroyed them into pieces. They might think they destroyed him into pieces. But, not really. Western establishment was trembling during the funeral of Hajj Qassem. There was someone there (certainly not Donald Trump, he has been just an useful idiot for four years), rarely intelligent among the Westerners who realized during the funeral of Hajj Qassem where would lead the war with Iran. Western establishment understood that. It probably did not understand the context, the meaning, the statements by Iranian officials, but it understood clearly that it was not able to confront, occupy or conquer Iran.

“We are the people of Martyrdom. We are the people of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Go, ask around, if you are not aware. We have endured many hardships. Mr Trump, the gambler, you are well aware of our power and capabilities in the region. You know how powerful we are in asymmetric warfare. Come, Trump, we are waiting for you. We are the right adversary as far as you are concerned. You know the war will mean annihilation of all your capabilities and possessions.” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

Honourable Hajj Qassem, The Martyr, had given too much credit to poor Agent Orange. As if that silly man knew anything about asymmetric warfare. Or any kind of warfare. His ‘casino manager’ or ‘bar tender’ presidential style and his limited cognitive capabilities and skills or especially sick Zionist hypnosis which Trump underwent, are too much for the weak mind of that average con-man. To be honest, none of Yanks is something specially intelligent – all of them are way to far away from wisdom or knowledge.

“You threatened us with measures that the world has not seen before. First of all, it has been over a year that Trump became US president, but that man’s rhetoric is still that of a casino, of a bar. He talks to the world in the style of a bar tender or a casino manager. When he talks to China, to Russia, to Europe, or to anyone in the world, one feels that a gambler is talking.” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

After the gambler stops talking, there will be another Western con man who will replace him - from the same warmongering establishment, but from another wing – long term senator and ex vice president. President-elect of so called USA has lead his presidential campaign from the basement, following (more than) corona measures and his own capabilities to take part in campaign. It would not be strange to see him giving statements from the basement and so on. But, the current president of the USA is very actively wandering around slowly getting back on the tracks of his businesses only. And, as Agent Orange wanted to impose fear to Iranian state and people, after his gambling game is over, he will have to accept back the fear, which he unsuccessfully, as poison, wanted to spread among Iranian people and resistance Movement in Western Asia.

“Not a single night goes by without thinking about you in our sleep. Let me tell you, Mr Trump, the gambler. Let me tell you… You must know that we are near you, in the places that can not come to your mind. We are near you in the places you can’t even imagine.” (General Qassem Soleimani, July 26, 2018)

Mr Ismail Ghani, Commander of IRGC Quds Force, added on January 2nd, 2021.: “The Martyr Soleimani was assassinated by the world’s most brutal men. I say frankly that the path of Quds Force and the resistance forces will not change because of the evils committed by United States. Even in your home [in the USA], there may be people who will pay for this crime.”