Victory or nothing


When the Supreme Commander-in-Chief began a special military operation in Ukraine, the course of history was changed. Irreversibly changed. This is the case when they say "the die is cast," "we have crossed the Rubicon," and "there is no turning back". It may seem to some that there is, but there isn't. And now no one and nothing can affect anything, and no one and can do anything the way it was before.

Before February 22, 2022, there was a certain - albeit rather limited - freedom of action. After that, not anymore.

But this fundamental Decision has such a scale that it frightens not only those who immediately rejected it, but also the Russian popular majority, which unconditionally supports Operation Z.

Moscow has challenged the entire global hegemony of the West, entered into direct confrontation with the global liberal world order, starting to destroy the Russophobic Nazi construct, which this world order has erected close to Russia, in fact, on our territory, preparing to attack us directly.

We started first, to have the initiative in the inevitable historical duel.

Either the world will be multipolar, or it will still remain unipolar, where all fundamental decisions will be made by the West, or rather the globalist manic sect, which has seized power over the peoples of the West and has extended its power to all mankind. They announced the "Great Reset" and the transfer of power entirely to the World Government (K. Schwab, J. Soros, etc.). Putin responded with a special military operation. The stakes are extremely high. And nothing can be put back on the starting line.

Of course, if they lose, the globalists will still have some potential. Even if they lose Ukraine, their system as a whole will not collapse, and the amount of influence in the world will not be reduced too significantly. But symbolically it will be a blow to the totality of their power, a breach in the world Wall, in which they have enclosed the nations and states. The West can sacrifice Ukraine as a pawn, and the game will not be lost to the end. On the contrary, the real game has just begun, but it will be a chess game for two, not just one (as Zbigniew Brzezinski ironically remarked to me). And the game is going to be tough.

When Russia wins definitively and demonstrably, having fully realized the goals of the special military operation, the multipolar world will acquire distinct outlines in the form of three ready-made poles: the West, Russia and China, and then India, the Islamic world and others may be added to them. But the West will still try to maintain its hegemony, push the poles against each other, arrange a new series of provocations and color revolutions, promote ethnic uprisings and social chaos. After all, a new epidemic could be triggered, because it is not without reason that so much money has been spent on secret laboratories to develop bioweapons in Ukraine and elsewhere. Something thanks to a special military operation has floated in today, but how much more remains behind the scenes…

But for Russia, we are talking about a completely different dilemma: to be or not to be. In this case it will not be possible to present "not to be" as a "victory. Needless to say, from time to time the government has acted this way. But that was only when it came to a domestic audience. Now people and the whole world are watching the events of the special military operation from unambiguous positions that do not allow for any ambiguous interpretation, and the Russian authorities are no longer able to influence this. This is not just because we have lost the information war, but because we are talking about deeper things than media operations. When the question is to be or not to be, there is only Victory. Not even "victory or defeat", but "Victory or nothing."

It is possible to survive defeat; we lived through 1991 and the entire 1990s. Back then, the question was extremely acute. And now it is even more acute. It is so acute now that there can only be one way out: victory and nothing else. No or else.
And a "victory" cannot be the recognition of some of our minor demands while preserving Ukraine as it is. Victory is a complete change of everything as it is - in Ukraine, and in Russia itself.

Ukraine without Nazis and liberals, Russia without liberals, oligarchs and traitors (we have no Nazis as such, while the West artificially supported nationalism in the post-Soviet republics, in Russia itself the nationalists had no internal or external support).
I am absolutely convinced that Putin understood everything when he took that step, which changed the world. With one gesture, he put everything on the line and with the same gesture, he cut off the retreat. This is how history is made: all or nothing. This is how a man, a subject, a free sovereign ruler lives and acts.

Many today fear betrayal, surrender, shameful reconciliation with an existential enemy.  We have, alas, sad precedents for this in the recent past. But no equilibrium between loyalty and betrayal - solar and lunar - is any longer possible. The scale has irreversibly (and the main word here is irreversibly) swung to one side. In the direction of Victory.