In an interview for the Tsargrad channel, Alexander Dugin reflects on the unfolding of the conflict in Ukraine and its civilizational, existential elements and as a sign of multipolarity.

If the matter were only the restoration of the territorial integrity of the DPR and the LPR – which we recognize as independent states – it seems to me that events would have unfolded according to a different scenario.

I think we are talking about the liberation of Ukraine. The whole. That's where we'll stop. Putin said this morning that all compromises and half-measures no longer work. We gave the opportunity to speak the language of peace, we gave the West and Kiev the opportunity to speak the language of diplomacy. All our proposals were rejected. There was no other alternative. I think that the first stage will be the liberation of Novorussia (not just Donetsk and Lugansk, but exactly Novorussia, the historic one). When Putin said, “Do you want decommunization?” – your logic is very clear. Lenin created the artificial entity “Ukraine” (and later Khrushchev). With this legacy of communism, Bolshevism, Lenin and Khrushchev, Ukraine said goodbye. We said goodbye in the same way. We cannot say goodbye in one direction only.

We say goodbye to the Ukraine that Lenin created. And we are pushing decommunization to its logical limit. I think the first red line is the liberation of Novorussia, with which our operations in Odessa and Kharkov, in the north and south, on the left bank and Novorussia are connected. The only issue is with western Ukraine: I don't know how it will be resolved. The maps showing the attacks on military targets in Western Ukraine show our determination to go through with this situation. I think it will end with the unification of the East Slavs in these areas, the unification of the three branches of the East Slavs – Novorossi, Belorossi and Velikorossi – into a union, into a single configuration as part of the Eurasian Union.

It seems to me that we would not have taken the extreme measures we have taken if we had not had that goal in mind. We put a lot at stake if we're just talking about the liberation of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. When it is no longer a spectacle, the clowns are forgotten.

As for Ukraine, I am not at all inclined to demonize the Ukrainian state, because that part of the East Slavs who are called the Little Russians have historically proved to be completely incapable of building a state. Whenever they had a historic chance to build a state, they failed. They don't know how to do this. I think we shouldn't blame them: they are our brothers, it's time for them to return to the united East Slavic homeland. We ourselves, Velikorossi, are just part of this triumphant East Slavic nation. They didn't build their own state, so they choose clowns, Nazis, extremists instead of professional politicians, they organize acts of cruelty, when it's necessary to show humanity and gentleness - in other words, they do the opposite, not what building the state is. state requires them. And so it has been for centuries.

Ukraine began to disintegrate in 2014, actively disintegrating. And to choose a fool at such a moment… For fun? Well, he goes on. They belong to the world of virtual culture. Laughter, skeptical comments on social media do not affect or define anything.

There is no need to laugh at them: they are our brothers, therefore they are as brave as we are, they are part of our nation. So it seems to me that we should treat them with respect – even when we are on different sides of the barricades. Let's not say "give up you dogs", but "brothers, understand, this is not our war - we stand for freedom and independence from any power, but this we understand better - and we are including you in our empire, let's build a state seriously – not a buffoonish, hysterical state.”

As for Alexander Lukashenko's statements: after pro-Western forces tried to overthrow him, he realized the real challenge. I think Lukashenko will join the East Slavs.

It is not about the recognition of the RPD and the RPL. We are talking about a completely different page of world history, a multipolar world and a complete change of the entire architecture of the world order. And in this respect, we can only stand together as a pole. East Slavs are our Eurasian friends, it is an integrated territory of Eurasia, with a core (East Slavic) and adjacent territories. The recognition procedure no longer matters. It is important that Lukashenko is with us, that China is with us, that Iran is with us. And this is just the beginning. Everything depends even more on our valiant armed forces. We have already completed all diplomatic procedures… The Ukrainian state is coming to an end before our eyes – it no longer exists. The state implies a kind of military sovereignty. There is no military sovereignty, there is no state. We will speak with a legal and legitimate leader of Ukraine – we will speak with him about unity, fraternal relations, guarantees, borders. But not with clowns.

We fight together, we die together. And we will be reborn together. That is why today not only Russians must fulfill themselves as Russians. Ukrainians must fulfill themselves as Ukrainians – what their grandparents and great-grandparents were. To remember the Orthodox choice of Kievan Rus. This is ours and yours.