Angola: history and geopolitics


The Republic of Angola is a state located in southwestern Africa. To the west it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south it borders with Namibia, to the north with the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the east with Zambia. The predominant language of the population is Portuguese, used by 71% of the total population. Therefore, Angola is the second country in the world after Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese. This is due to the fact that Angola has long been a colony of Portugal. The colonial period begins in 1483, with the arrival of the Portuguese under the command of Diogo Cau. And only in 1974, after the war of independence, Angola received the status of an independent republic.

Russian-Ethiopian Relations Are The Perfect Model Of Multipolar Partnership


These civilization-states have always had leading roles in their parts of the world all throughout history, and they’re once again taking up the mantle of leadership when everyone needs their guidance the most. The chaotic transition to multipolarity has prompted plenty of confusion among many across Afro-Eurasia, hence the importance of Russia and Ethiopia clarifying matters for everyone and showing them all the most effective way to manage these unpredictable processes.



The process of struggle for African liberation implies having to face the evils that afflict the African continent in all aspects: on the economic, political, military, cultural and even spiritual / religious aspects. The spiritual part is a delicate aspect, because it is essentially individual, and when dealing with it one must be cautious, without trying to be divisive.

History of Imperial Africa


Africa is a great civilization center with an immense history. A history that has been voluntarily obliterated over the centuries, by those who knew that knowledge of one's historical heritage implies the ability to master geopolitics in the present, projected towards the future. This article will be devoted to the deepening of the great civilization empires that have emerged over the centuries in Africa.