Disquiet at Davos and the Unsaid Fear of Failure


Klaus Schwab, passionate for Ukraine, essentially configured the World Economic Forum (WEF) to showcase Zelensky and to leverage the argument that Russia should be kicked out of the civilised world. Schwab’s target was the assembled crème de la crème of the world’s business leaders assembled there. Zelensky pitched big: “We want more sanctions and more weapons”; “All trade with the aggressor should be stopped”; “All foreign business should leave Russia so that your brands are not associated with war crimes”, he said. Sanctions must be all encompassing; values must matter.

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict; a Proxy War between Russia and NATO


For the future development of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there are at least three scenarios and mixed options between them. First is a surrender of Ukrainian forces. It depends on the political decision of president Zelensky. But because NATO countries still providing weapon systems and arms to Ukraine I think it is not possible in near future. The second scenario is protracted conflict. It may be frozen or escalated but will be limited by region. The third variant is most dangerous and means more active