Western covert actions in Syria


In October 2011 and February 2012 the US-led NATO organisation, with the backing of the Gulf autocracies, tried to secure UN Security Council resolutions, which in all probability would have served as a pretext for an invasion of Syria.

US Hypocritical Policy in the Syrian War


In eight bloody wars of the 21st century, all prosecuted by Washington in a bid to create a US-dominated ‘New Middle East’, those most committed to resistance are prevailing. Iran dealt with a well-coordinated campaign to cripple its nuclear energy program, and has since defended itself from renewed US economic aggression and proxy terrorism. Hezbollah famously defeated the 2006 Israeli invasion of south Lebanon and holds the apartheid state at bay.  And over many years brave Syria defended itself from a massive proxy war and, with its allies, prevailed. In the following, I provide some pieces of evidence of US direct involvement in supporting ISIS terrorist group during Syrian War. This hypocritical face of the US should be recorded in the history.