In Aleppo - Russian Airforces Fuel Syrian Army Counter-Offensive

Friday, 5 August, 2016 - 13:30

The Russian Aerospace Forces have been conducting massive air raids in order to counter the offensive of joint jihadi forces in southern Aleppo. Local reports indictate that Russian warplanes have made up to 100 air strikes every day since the start of militant operations in the area.

Supported by Russian air strikes, the Syrian army has regained all points in the associations and the Amiriyah neighborhood that had been seized by Jaish Al-Fateh in southern Aleppo yesterday. The Syrian army also seized the Steel Factory in north of the Handarat Camp near the strategic Castello Highway.

Mealwhile, the Islamic Front-linked media outlets argue that heavy clashes are ongoing at the Castello Highway heading to eastern Aleppo. According to reports, some 20 Syrian army soldiers have been killed there.