Emirates and Saudi role in the failed Turkey Coup

Thursday, 21 July, 2016 - 15:45

Turkish Media is considering that since the beginning of the US-backed coup attempt there was a promotion of the coupers. There was role of the Arabic media, especially  Saudi at the moments of the coup by promotion and coverage of the coup.

Activists criticize the way that "Alarabia" channel covered the events of coup, that is what prompted the director of the channel to respond to the criticism by saying that the channel quoted the news like all channels, and they did not rejoice or mourn the coup.

According to the newspaper "AL Shurouk" in this framework, "a large number of social networking activists in the Arab world accused " the news channel Alarabia" that it was at the side of the failed military coup in Turkey , on Friday evening, which is the intersection with fishy statement from the US Embassy in Ankara said what is happening in Turkey "uprising or revolution" before it retreating later.

Famous Saudi warbler "Mujtahed" wrote in this context, about the coup inTwitter " it is not clear that there is official Saudi role in Turkey coup, but there are signs that  Mohammed bin Salman knew, through his relationship with Mohammed bin Zayed, so call to wait until image will be elucidated ".

Later, transferred from "Mujtahed" that Mohammed bin Salman has preset contribution in the coup in Turkey, not just knew about it.

Mujtahed added  "It was part of preparations for the coup which implemented actually, to prepare processing media operations room shared between the Al-Arabiya channel and Sky News Arabic to make specific roles»

Background on the Coup from Katehon:

The military coup has obvious geopolitical implications. It comes after a sharp reversal in the direction of the relations of Turkey and Russia and changes on the Syrian issue made by the country's leaders . On last eve Binali Yildirim said that Turkey intends to restore relations with official Damascus. In essence, this would mean a radical change of the whole geopolitical situation on the Syrian issue and the collapse of the US strategy in the region. Before that Erdogan removed Ahmet Davutoglu from the country's leadership.  US realized that Erdogan decided to change the geopolitical course. United States decided to act and use their networks of influence in military circles, to initiate a coup.